LIU Limin, Director of the Organization Department of the Jiamusi Municipal Party Committee, and his Delegation Visited Harbin Engineering University for Research

On November 9, LIU Limin, member of the Standing Committee and director of the organization department of the Jiamusi Municipal Party committee and a delegation of 6 people visited Harbin Engineering University for research. XIA Guihua, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Harbin Engineering University, met LIU Limin and his delegation. The two sides had detailed discussion on attracting talents and cooperation between Jiamusi City and Harbin Engineering University, and signing ceremony for the joint construction university-city work station.

XIA Guihua welcomed LIU Limin and his delegation. XIA Guihua briefly introduced the education characteristics, student training, graduate entrepreneurship and employment of Harbin Engineering University. As an important talent training base in the field of Ship and Ocean Engineering, the university actively serves the local economic construction and social development. He said that the civil servant candidates should probe deeper at grassroots level to know people’s conditions, while maintaining their enthusiasm for work and learning, and getting training along with growth in the process of solving problems at the grassroots level. Hence, all localities and cities should train and make good use of talents, by providing graduates with a broad platform for utilizing their talents. XIA Guihua hoped that more talents would  nurture in Heilongjiang Province and would contribute wisdom and strength to the revitalization of Heilongjiang Province.

LIU Limin introduced in detail the development of Jiamusi City, the construction of Ten Major Bases, the policy of selection and transfer of students as civil servant candidates and the signing situation of Talent Workstation. He said that a group of reliable talents trained by Harbin Engineering University have been highly praised by employers. Jiamusi City has implemented the trend of introducing fine talents, by working hard to attract talents, offering a warm welcome service training. Thus, providing a preferential treatment and unimpeded development channels for talents who come for the local development. The graduates of Harbin Engineering University are warmly welcome to Jiamusi City for employment, entrepreneurship, and exploration of an ideal life.

Furthermore, in order to further strengthening the cooperation between Harbin Engineering University and Jiamusi City, both sides will conduct multi-channel, multi-level and multi-form exchanges and cooperation regarding strategic consultation, scientific and technological innovation, discipline co construction,  commercialization of scientific findings, personnel training, graduate employment and entrepreneurship, etc.,. Subsequently, expanding the employment and entrepreneurship channels of the College graduates, by promoting the commercialization of scientific and technological achievements of Colleges and universities. Thus, meeting the local economic development, personnel demands, and achieving the goal of mutual benefits and common development.

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