YAO Yu and his Delegation Went to Jixi City and Mudanjiang City to Research and Discuss the Cooperation Between Harbin Engineering University and Localities

On March 26 and 27, YAO Yu, President of Harbin Engineering University and his delegation went to Jixi City and Mudanjiang City to research and discuss matters related to university-locality cooperation.

On March 26, YAO Yu and his delegation went to Jixi City to visit and research the national graphite product quality supervision and inspection center, Kangxin community of Jiguan District, Weida New Material Technology Co., Ltd. and Jixi BTR graphite Industrial Park Co., Ltd. LU Changyou, mayor and deputy secretary of Jixi municipal Communist Party Committee of Jixi City, accompanied the research and attended the panel.

At the meeting, YAO Yu introduced the basic situation of Harbin Engineering University. YAO Yu pointed out that the year 2021 is the first year of the national “14th Five Year Plan.” Facing the new situation, new tasks and new requirements, the university should seize the opportunity, open up a new situation, seek development, actively implement the policy of Heilongjiang province's “opinions on the implementation of deepening locality-university cooperation.” Hence, achieving a new breakthrough in serving the economic and social development of Heilongjiang Province, and conduct comprehensive cooperation with local enterprises. Jixi City is rich in natural resources. Harbin Engineering University will speed up the establishment of university-locality cooperation platform, giving full play to characteristics of both sides, carry out organized university-locality cooperation, and strengthen detailed cooperation with related industries of Jixi City from the aspects of equipment upgrading, process breakthrough and product innovation. Thus,  jointly promoting the construction of new industrial diagram and realizing high-quality development.

LU Changyou expressed his gratitude to Harbin Engineering University for its support and help. LU Changyou said that scientific and technological innovation is the “first driving force” of economic development. Harbin Engineering University is of a high reputation and great influence, strong scientific research strength, and many innovative theories and practices in the field of Humanities and social sciences. LU hopes to carry out all-round cooperation with the university in economic development, social governance and other aspects, by fully implementing the innovation driven strategy and building a platform for innovation and development, talent recruitment, tasks accomplishment and achievements production.

On March 27, YAO Yu and his delegation went to Mudanjiang City to visit Northern Alloy Tools CO.,LTD, Hengfeng Paper Group and Shengshi Xuecheng technology company. YANG Tingshuang, secretary of the Mudanjiang Municipal Communist Party Committee, and his delegation accompanied the research and attended the panel.

YAO Yu said Mudanjiang City is having a historical background and beautiful scenery, with local enterprises of their own characteristics and great potential. In order to serve the local economic and social development during the 14th Five Year Plan period, Harbin Engineering University will actively explore new areas of university-enterprise cooperation and university-locality cooperation. With the help of the advantageous natural resources of Mudanjiang City, the university will give full play to its talent resources, technological advantages and alumni resources to boost the local economic and social development and achieve win-win cooperation.

YANG Tingshuang said that the cooperation between Harbin Engineering University and Mudanjiang City is just about the right time. The cooperation between the two sides will focus on the release of innovation ability, the cultivation and expansion of advantageous industries, the cultivation of specialized talents, and the rapid generation of emerging industries. It is anticipated that teachers and students of Harbin Engineering University would actively connect with enterprises and the university would provide reliable and innovative talents for Mudanjiang City.

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