China Robo Master 2021 Contest was Held in Harbin Engineering University and the Team of Harbin Engineering University Got Promoted to the Top Four Out of More than 30 Teams

From March 26 to 28, the first competition (Heilongjiang Division) of the 20th National University robot contest RoboMaster 2021 was held in Harbin Engineering University. 200 thousand netizens watched the exciting events online through the TikTok live broadcast of the Harbin Engineering official account. They witnessed the glorious moment when the teams of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Dalian University of Technology and Harbin Engineering University excelled amongst more than 30 teams and were promoted to the top four together. According to the national accumulated points, the top teams can continue to participate in the National University regional competition.

RoboMaster is a robot competition and academic exchange platform for Global Science and Technology enthusiasts, dedicated to cultivating talents with Engineering aptitude and comprehensive qualities. The Heilongjiang division of RoboMaster University alliance competition is sponsored by the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Steering Committee of Heilongjiang Province and undertaken by Harbin Engineering University. The competition attracted nearly 300 outstanding students from 16 universities in 10 provinces.

In 3v3 dual meet, players need to control the robot to launch projectiles to attack enemy robots and bases. At the end of the game, the side with high “remaining blood” of the base wins the game. Whether it's beating other teams with top technology, using excellent tactics to win as weaker compared, fighting back from defeat with strange tactics, or dueling with a close robot level gentleman, it's very thrilling. The unique double pan-tilt robot of Harbin Engineering University as the “supreme shield” made it difficult for the enemy to break through, “infantry” and “hero” took the lead in winning the game by adopting the blitzkrieg tactics and the team of our university advanced to the top four.

ZHAO Yuxin, Dean of the College of Intelligent Systems Science and Engineering of Harbin Engineering University, said, “the contest is a very important opportunity to compete with the students of colleges and universities all over China. Through such a competition, we can promote the talents training of Harbin Engineering from the previous professional teaching to the direction of practical teaching and students' scientific and technological innovation. Hence, helping the young students to establish the concept of scientific and technological innovation, and improving the students’ abilities of scientific and technological innovation. In the process of robot development, students need to apply the knowledge they have learned to complete the design of machinery, motor control, hardware and machine vision. “Before, my understanding of system automation control remained in the level of theories, but I didn't actually debug a real control system. This competition gave me a platform and opportunity to practice,” said TANG Bin, the leader of the “dream wing” team of Harbin Engineering University.

“RoboMaster is a competition that requires teamwork and cooperation between various technical groups,” ,CHU Ruoru,a member of the “dream wing” team of Harbin Engineering University told reporters. Freshmen just entered the team out of love for robots, but being in the team for a period of time, everyone of them got united and developed an unspoken tacit understanding. CHU also said, “Apart from attending lectures, we are almost always with the whole team preparing for the competition. It's hard work, but when we see our robot playing on the field, we have a sense of fighting in the battlefield and a sense of achievement. I think it’s cool for us to work together for one cause.”

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