More than 400 Enterprises Came to Harbin Engineering University to Recruit Talents at the Campus Recruitment Fair of the Five Universities in Northeast China Showing New Employment Situation

On March 28 and 29, the Spring campus recruitment fair of 2021 graduates of the “Northeast Five Universities” was held in the Qihang Activity Center of Harbin Engineering University. The enterprises participating in the recruitment fair of the “Northeast Five Universities” were numerous, advanced, and of wide geographical distribution, known as the “employment barometer.” A total of 476 enterprises came to Harbin Engineering University to recruit talents, including 210 State-owned enterprises, 83 public institutions and 32 scientific research institutions, providing more than 15000 jobs and attracting more than 5200 students.

        Fields of Vision Development and Simulation are in Urgent Need of Talents, So, the Enterprises Offer Attractive Salary.

At the recruitment fair, a “Red Bull” quadruped robot, under the command of the operator, rotated, jumped and ran, attracting the attention of many job seekers. Its name is “BenBen,” and it even performed with Andy LAU, WANG Yibo and other stars at this year’s Spring Festival Gala. Human resource manager of Hangzhou Unitree Robotics Co., Ltd. introduced that robot vision development engineer and algorithm engineer are urgently needed talents in the industry.

 Alumni Returned to Harbin Engineering University to Recruit Talents and Provided Employment Guidance for the Graduates

“Ride the wind and waves and let the dream set sail,” in the campus recruitment fair of Harbin Engineering University, the most attractive enterprise is the subsidiary of China Shipbuilding group. The reporter found that in order to attract talents, many companies have sent their alumni of Harbin Engineering University to the recruitment fair. While the seniors introduced the company to the job seekers, they also kindly provided employment guidance to the graduates.

Recruitment Criteria: Having Excellent Professional Knowledge, Dependable and Full of Team Spirit

What kind of job seekers are more likely to be recruited by enterprises? Most recruitment enterprises will pay attention to the transcripts of the employee in the interview. A human resource manager of a major state-owned enterprise in Harbin said: “the basic professional knowledge must be excellent. If you once failed in the examination in the university, you will leave a bad first impression to the recruitment enterprise.”For graduate students, enterprises pay more attention to the applicant’s research direction and project experience.

A human resource manager of a listed company said that the learning ability of job seekers must be excellent. The company will examine the self-study ability, communication ability, logical analysis ability and team cooperation ability of job seekers in a short time by some examination questions.

Since the beginning of the Spring semester, Harbin Engineering University has organized 73 campus recruitment fairs and posted nearly 5000 recruitment information. Hence, serving the national defense industry, as selecting the graduate government staff has become an important destination for the graduates of 2021. This year, a total of 264 graduates from Harbin Engineering University signed up for Heilongjiang province’s directional selected graduate government staffs, of which 105 graduates have successfully passed the written examination and interview. Harbin Engineering University will strengthen publicity, mobilization and guidance, by encouraging more excellent graduates to stay in the grass-root employment in Heilongjiang Province. Thus, providing strong human resources support to promote the comprehensive revitalization of Heilongjiang Province.

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