2021 Postgraduate Graduation Ceremony and Master Degree Awarding Ceremony of Harbin Engineering University was held on March 30

Peach and plum fragrance overflows the campus, and the  graduates are reluctant to say goodbye to their Alma Mater. On March 30, 1654 postgraduates of Harbin Engineering University have successfully graduated and been awarded their masters degree. They will cherish their dreams, set sail and write a more magnificent chapter in their lives. At 10 a.m., the 2021 postgraduate graduation ceremony and master degree awarding ceremony was held in the gymnasium. XIA Guihua, deputy leader of the Communist Party Committee of Harbin Engineering University presided the graduation ceremony.

HAN Duanfeng, Vice President read out the decision on postgraduate graduation. PENG Yuankui read out the decision on conferring master's degrees. Evaluated by the degree evaluation committee of Harbin Engineering University, 1644 postgraduates were awarded master's degrees, including 1638 domestic students and 6 foreign students.

With warm applause, YAO Yu, president of Harbin Engineering University delivered a speech to the graduates entitled Striving to be the First to Make Achievements in the New Era and New Journey.

On behalf of Harbin Engineering University, YAO Yu extended warm congratulations to the graduated masters. He also extended heartfelt thanks to the relatives and friends who care and support the graduates and the teachers who have worked hard to teach students. The president and the graduates reviewed the study life in Harbin Engineering University together, which is believed to be the best memory in the life of the graduates. YAO Yu said that this sudden COVID-19 pneumonia has left a special memory for everyone in the postgraduate education. We have witnessed the unprecedented war against the epidemic and the heroic feat of China Communist Party uniting and leading the people of all ethnic groups to unite as one and fight against the epidemic. Many students took the initiative to go to the front line of epidemic prevention and control, made contributions to the epidemic prevention and control. Hence, demonstrating the sense of mission and responsibility of students of Harbin Engineering University with practical actions. Harbin Engineering University, the Alma Mater is proud of the students!

NIU Zesheng of the College of Nuclear Science and Technology spoke on behalf of the 2021 master's degree graduates. He reviewed his study and life in his alma mater and expressed his gratitude to Harbin Engineering University and teachers. On behalf of the graduates, he wished Harbin Engineering University prosperity and betterment.

Professor ZHANG Wei, the representative of the supervisor of the College of Intelligent System Science and Technology, put forward three hopes for the graduates. First is to be grateful, to be grateful to the university, parents and people around you, to be grateful and warm, so that we can have a better positive mood, enhancing our ability, inspiring our inspiration and releasing our potential. The second is continuous learning. In any position, we should study and enrich ourselves, form the habit of lifelong learning, and let ourselves grow up in learning and make contributions to the national rejuvenation. Thirdly, he encouraged the young generation to set up a sense of responsibility, have the courage to undertake great tasks, and contribute their talents to the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation .

Then, the leaders of Harbin Engineering University and the representatives of the supervisors of each college presented the degree certificates to all the graduates and took a group photo.

The campus life is fleeting. In the laboratory, in the library, in the stadium, in the teaching building, there were precious memories of graduates. In the future, graduates should continue to work hard.

The blue eaves, the green tiles, the Jihai Bay, and the resounding bugle are all the most beautiful memories in the hearts of the graduates. In this graduation season, let's say goodbye to each other!

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