XIA Guihua, Head of the Communist Party Committee of Harbin Engineering University Along with his Delegation Conducted Research and Evaluation of the Student Affairs of Yantai Research Institute of Harbin Engineering University

On March 22, XIA Guihua, head of the Communist Party Committee of Harbin Engineering University, and his delegation went to Yantai Research Institute to conduct research and evaluation of the student affairs in the new semester. YAN Rujian, Assistant President of Harbin Engineering University and Dean of Yantai Research Institute, and the leaders of the relevant departments of the Institute accompanied the research.

XIA Guihua and his delegation listened to reports on the construction and development, epidemic prevention and control, graduate education and management of Yantai Research Institute of Harbin Engineering University, and held a seminar on graduate student affairs.

XIA Guihua affirmed the construction, development and operation management of Yantai Research Institute, and hoped that the student affair staffs of the Yantai Research Institute would fully implement the fundamental task of moral education, express solicitude for the well-being of students. Thus, becoming a model for students, and constructing a favorable education environment. XIA Guihua pointed out that it is of great significance to bring students’ internship into the curriculum system of professional master’s degree, and it is necessary to speed up the introduction of a new model of student management. Firstly, we should insist on strengthening ideological and political education, including party history and ideological education. Secondly, we should strengthen mental health education, equipped with enough instructors, and constantly improve the level of the ability of mental health ability.  Thirdly, we should ensure the safety of students and do a good job in safety education and management especially during the internship. Fourth point is that the work of the Communist Youth League should be based on students’life and to vigorously carry out rich campus cultural activities. Fifth, we should build a graduate innovation and entrepreneurship base and build a multi-disciplinary integration platform.

XIA Guihua and his delegation also inspected the basic campus facilities such as teaching buildings, experimental buildings, student apartments and canteens.

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