WU Hong, Member of the Communist Party Committee and Chief Auditor of Harbin Taxation Bureau Visited Harbin Engineering University for Research

On April 27, WU Hong, member of the Communist Party Committee and chief auditor of Harbin Taxation Bureau, and a group of 9 people visited Harbin Engineering University for research. Vice President GAO Wanxin met the visiting guests. The two sides held detailed exchanges on the financial and tax management of Harbin Engineering University. During the visit, the officers of Harbin Taxation Bureau solved the tax problems encountered by the university.

On behalf of Harbin Engineering University, GAO Wanxin welcomed WU Hong and his delegation at the university. He briefly introduced the historical evolution, university running characteristics, personnel training, discipline construction and scientific research of the university. GAO Wanxin said that the university has actively implemented the national fiscal and taxation policies, by effectively and orderly conducting all kinds of fiscal and taxation work, and ensuring that the university had a good start in the 14th five year plan.

WU Hong expressed the hope that through doing practical things for taxpayers activity, we can take the initiative to ask for performance, demand and efficiency, so as to effectively solve the practical difficulties encountered by the university in taxation and help the development of the university.

After the meeting, WU Hong and his delegation visited the PLA Military Engineering Institute Memorial Hall, the revolution spirit education base of Harbin Engineering University, accompanied by GAO Wanxin.

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