Harbin Engineering University Held the Harbin Heilongjiang Province Investment Promotion Meeting for the Alumni Enterprises

On May 28, in order to implement the relevant requirements of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government on the investment promotion policy of Heilongjiang Province, Harbin Engineering University invited more than 50 Alumni Association presidents and secretaries from all over the country to hold the Harbin, Heilongjiang Province investment promotion meeting. Harbin Engineering University also set up a working group of Alumni entrepreneur investment promotion project to build a docking platform for the alumni investment and entrepreneurship back to Heilongjiang Province. Moreover, providing a docking platform for publicity and commercialization of scientific research achievements.

ZHANG Zhijian, vice president of Harbin Engineering University, presided the meeting. He said that the purpose of the Heilongjiang Province investment promotion meeting being jointly held by the Heilongjiang Provincial Department of education and Harbin Engineering University, is for the president and general secretary of the Alumni Association who come back to visit their alma mater. Hence, promoting the alumni of Harbin Engineering University to join hands with the university to form a community of struggle, interests and destiny with Heilongjiang Province. Thus, to project the development of personal career of alumni and education of the university, as well as to contribute in the development of Heilongjiang Province, reflecting the sense of responsibility and mission of Harbin Engineering to serve Heilongjiang Province.

XIE Zongjun, deputy leader of the Education Working Committee of Heilongjiang provincial Communist Party Committee and deputy director of Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Education, introduced the situation of scientific research projects of colleges and universities in Heilongjiang Province for the alumni. He said, “At present, there are 1116 scientific research achievements of the colleges and universities in Heilongjiang province that can be commercialized,  promising great business opportunities. Previously, the Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Education has issued a notice on the establishment of alumni entrepreneur investment promotion working group in the colleges and universities, hoping to promote the commercialization of scientific research achievements in the colleges and universities through the support of alumni.

The alumni who came back to their alma mater this time are the presidents of alumni associations all over the country. They have said that they will share the investment promotion policy of Harbin City in Heilongjiang Province with their alumni when they will return to their hometown. “ It's a reward for our alma mater and an honor for us to help in the development of Heilongjiang Province,” Alumni ZHANG Qingyuan said.

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