LIU Wenbin, Chairman and Secretary of the Party Committee of Henan Diesel Engine Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Visited HEU for Investigation

On September 14, LIU Wenbin, Chairman and Party Secretary of Henan Diesel Engine Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. visited HEU for investigation. The two sides conducted detailed discussion on scientific research and development and personnel training and signed a cooperation agreement. The President YAO Yu met LIU Wenbin and his party. Vice President YIN Jingwei attended the meeting.

YAO Yu welcomed LIU Wenbin and his party, and hoped that the two parties would further strengthen communication, by creating a new situation in school-enterprise cooperation.

YIN Jingwei pointed out that HEU has a strong technical reserve in the field of ship and sea nuclear, and is one of the main forces of our country’s ship Science and Technology basic and applied research, and an important talent training and scientific research base in the national “three seas and one nuclear” field. He hoped that both parties would further strengthen practical cooperation, by actively building the demonstration projects for school-enterprise industrial cooperation.

LIU Wenbin introduced the company’s development stage, industry status and the 14th Five-Year Development Plan. He hoped to strengthen cooperation with HEU, by further enhancing innovation capabilities. Hence, fulfilling the mission of “leading the development of high-speed internal combustion engines for ships,” in a better way. Moreover, accomplishing the economic responsibility of maintaining and increasing the value of state-owned assets, and the social responsibility of serving the economic development of the resident.

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