The Opening Ceremony of The Pakistan International Student Joint Training Project was Held Online

On September 22, HEU and the Islamabad University of Information Technology held an online opening ceremony of the Pakistan International Student Joint Training Program. Mohamed Abed, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Islamabad University of Information Technology, and ZHAO Yuxin, assistant to the president of HEU , attended the online opening ceremony and delivered speeches, respectively. The heads of the relevant departments and foreign affairs departments of the two sides, and the first batch of 12 international students participated in the opening ceremony.


On behalf of the project organizer, Mohamed Abed expressed his gratitude towards HEU for its support and guidance in strengthening cooperation between the two universities in the field of Marine Information. He welcomed the first batch of students participating in the project.


ZHAO Yuxin delivered a speech on behalf of HEU. He pointed out that in the post-epidemic era, the joint training program based on studying abroad has provided an “engineering plan” to deal with the pressure of studying abroad in China. Moreover, it has opened a brand-new training model for overseas students in China. HEU will adhere to the concept of “talents, platforms, and technology co-creation.” Hence, strengthening cooperation with Islamabad University of Information Technology in teaching and scientific research, having the goal of achieving advanced international talent training. Thus, actively exploring, making breakthroughs, and creating China-Pakistan education cooperation products by promoting the export of advanced educational resources in schools, exchanges and cooperation in the field of maritime information between China and Pakistan. Subsequently, serving in the construction of the “Belt and Road.” 

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