HEU was approved to build the Frontier Science Center of the Ministry of Education

On December 24, the Ministry of Education issued ‘The Notice on the Construction of Frontier Science Center in 2021, and HEU's Frontier Science Center of Extreme Ocean Environment Wave Field was approved for construction. This is the first approved Frontier Science Center of the Ministry of Education in Heilongjiang Province, marking a new breakthrough of HEU in the construction of the major national basic research platform and a new step towards accelerating the construction of the world-class disciplines and the world-class distinctive-featured university.

As the key point of the construction of world-class universities and first-class disciplines, the Frontier Science Center is the core of the Everest Plan for basic research in colleges and universities, and an important measure by the Ministry of Education to promote colleges and universities to strengthen basic researches and lead innovations.

The Frontier Science Center of Extreme Ocean Environment Wave Field focuses on three frontier scientific issues, including the nonlinear coupling mechanism of ocean wave fields, the generation mechanism and evolution of distorted waves and internal waves under the  terrible ocean environments, and the mechanism and load characteristics of ocean gas-liquid-solid cross-medium wave.Through the multi-disciplinary integration, striving to enhance China’s original innovation ability in wave field under the extreme ocean  environment, the center will make every effort to build the cradle of the global extreme ocean environmental technological innovation and the top talent training, build a world-class and cutting-edge research highland of ocean research, and support the national high sea strategy and the technological innovation of the Belt and Road initiative.

Relying on the shipping and marine engineering disciplines, HEU seizes the opportunity of building the Frontier Science Center. Through actively and overall planning, scientific organization, highlighting characteristics and based on the construction requirements of physical space lab, research team, target and task lab, and investment guarantee, HEU shall gather the resources and strength of “Shipbuilding Industry, Marine Equipment, Ocean Exploration and Nuclear Application”, create an innovative platform for talent training, scientific research, and discipline construction, focus on improving the level and abilities of HEU’s basic research, and accelerate  the double first-class construction.

     Facing the future, HEU will further integrate innovative resources, give full play to the advantages of the featured discipline of “Shipbuilding Industry, Marine Equipment, Ocean Exploration and Nuclear Application”, gather the first-class talent teams around the world, promote the deep crossing integration of multiple disciplines, vigorously promote the deep integration of science and education, and strive to build the Frontier Science Center into the most representative innovation center and talent cradle in the relevant basic frontier fields in China, and to make the new breakthroughs in the prospective basic research and the original achievement output.

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