One Project was Selected as the Excellent Project Case of the Ministry of Education's Production and Education Integration and Collaborative Education Project

Recently, the 2021 Ministry of Education docking meeting of Production and Education  Integration and Collaborative Education Project was held in Beijing, and the 2021 the Excellent Project Cases were announced. After the reviews of Expert Group, 124 project cases were finally selected. Baimu-HEU Teacher training and Innovation Practice Base Construction by He Jian of HEU College of Aerospace and  Civil Engineering was selected as the excellent project case.

College of Aerospace and  Civil Engineering and Beijing Baimu Jinye Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. Launched school-enterprise cooperation in 2018.The two parties jointly focus on the actual needs of the industry and the requirements of new engineering construction and carry out the in-depth school-enterprise collaborative education bridged by the industry-university cooperation project.

In the past 3 years of the launching of the project, a group of students have grown into talents through practice. More than 30 students have entered China Construction First Group, China Construction Eighth  Group and other work units to help companies solve the technical problems in actual projects. The BIM informatization model of Infrastructure projects for a strong country such as Fenghe Bridge, Time Tower, Zhuhai Huafa Plaza, Houxi Station Transition, etc., which students participated in, won the gold and silver awards of the Youlu Cup, and the 1st and 2nd prize of  Co-Creation Cup.

In recent years, HEU has actively explored the mode and path of the innovation and development of industry-university cooperation and collaborative education and promoted the construction of The College of Future Technology. With the construction and sharing of the off-campus practice education base of the integration of government-industry-education-research-application with Longjiang Engineer College, Yantai Graduate School and Qingdao Innovation and Development Center, HEU cooperated with enterprises in the full scales of new engineering construction, teaching contents and curriculum system reform, innovation and entrepreneurship education reform, practice conditions and practice base construction, and teacher training. In 2021, 50 projects of industry-university cooperation and collaborative education by the Ministry of Education was approved.

    Since 2014, the Ministry of Education has launched the industry-university collaborative education project to  universities and enterprises, and it serves as an important carrier for deepening university-enterprise collaborative education and improving the ability to cultivate outstanding engineers.

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