The First National Shipbuilding Industry CAE Software Numerical Tank Application Contest was successfully held in HEU

On December 29th, 2021 National Shipbuilding Industry CAE Software Numerical Tank Application Contest, co-sponsored by  Chinese Society of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering and the International Ship and Ocean Engineering Innovation and Cooperation Organization (ICNAME), was held in Harbin Engineering University.


The National Shipbuilding Industry CAE Software Numerical Tank Application Contest was a bold attempt of HEU to expand from scientific research projects to talent training. By software modeling, contestants need to calculate by setting parameters to achieve the simulation results.

Xia Guihua, deputy secretary of the HEU party committee, pointed out that Harbin Engineering University, as a university serving in the field of shipping and sea, gives full play to the advantages of the Shipbuilding Industry, Marine Equipment, Ocean Exploration and Nuclear Application characteristic disciplines, and vigorously promotes the marine powerful nation strategy and the development of the field of shipping and sea, which is taken to be HEU’s original aspiration and mission. This contest built a communicative and cooperative platform of opening-up, innovation and win-win for college students. It is hoped that college students, upholding the hard-working spirit, continuously achieve the unprecedented innovations, which will offer strong support for the technological innovation in the field of shipping and sea and the strategic development of marine powerful nation.

    The competition attracted 169 teams from 28 universities across the country. The excellent cases and ideas selected through the contest will help the technological advancement and ability improvement in the  fields like omputational fluid dynamics, shipbuilding and ocean engineering and contribute to the building of the maritime powerful nation. Zhou Weixin, Secretary of the Party Committee of China Shipbuilding Scientific Research Center, said, “The successful holding of this contest will definitely accelerate the development and applicative innovation of CAE software in the shipbuilding industry, and help realize the transformation of China's shipbuilding industry software from being controlled to being independently controllable, and then to replacing and transcending. .

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