Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Governor Hu Changsheng and their associates came to HEU for an investigation.

On April 1, Governor Hu Changsheng and his associates came to HEU for an inspection on talent training, scientific research, disciplinary construction, integration of production and education, and college-local cooperation. They had discussions with the relevant college personnel: Gao Yan, secretary of HEU party committee, Yao Yu, principal, Xia Guihua, deputy secretary of the party committee, Gao Wanxin, vice principal, Han Duanfeng, vice principal, Wu Linzhi, vice principal, and Yin Jingwei, vice principal.


During the meeting, Hu Changsheng emphasized that it was necessary to adhere to the guidance of President Xi Jinping’s thoughts of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. In addition, HEU must thoroughly implement the decisions and arrangements of the Central Party Committee and the State Council.


He also said that the provincial government will implement the work requirements of the Provincial Party Committee to strengthen the communication with universities, and provide better service to universities in talent training, collaborative innovation, achievements transformation and other aspects. This will accelerate the transformation of scientific and educational advantages into economic and social development advantages and promote the comprehensive revitalization of Heilongjiang Province.


Gao Yan expressed his gratitude to the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government for their concern, support and assistance for the development and construction of HEU. Gao Yan said that HEU will fully implement the spirit of President Xi Jinping's series of speeches on education and the revitalization of the Northeast. On the premise of overall implementation of the epidemic prevention-control and various tasks, and of ensuring education and teaching order, HEU will comprehensively practice the fundamental task of establishing moral integrity in cultivation to promote the construction of Double First-Class. As well, HEU will cultivate the successful heir of the era who are responsible for national rejuvenation, and to contribute to the comprehensive revitalization of Heilongjiang.


Yao Yu said that HEU will speed up the construction and development of Longjiang Institute of Engineers, deepen cooperation with Heilongjiang enterprises, and retain talent for the development of Heilongjiang. HEU will also transform and upgrade Heilongjiang enterprises, help the construction of Harbin New District and the transformation of science and technology.

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