15 projects win awards! HEU wins again at the 17th annual "Challenge Cup" competition.

On April 12th, at the closing ceremony of the 17th annual Challenge Cup National College Students Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Competition, HEU ranked first in the province in terms of the number of awards and project quality.


HEU yet again won the Challenge Cup and the title of ExcellentOrganization To be precise, a total of 15 projects from HEU won prizes. Among them, there is 1 first prize and 4 third prizes, and 1 first prize in the Red Special Event.


Also in the “HEI” technology special event, 2 won the galaxy awards, 1 star award, 1 planetary award, and 4 satellite awards. In addition, in the “Technology Rewarding” special event, HEU won 1 second prize.

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