Alumni Lu Jinjun and alumni company GoodWe Technology Co., Ltd. has established a 3.8 million RMB scholarship and grant fund

A few days ago, alumnus Lu Jinjun and his company, GoodWe Technology Co., Ltd., respectively donated 2 million Yuan and 1.8 million Yuan to HEU to set up the Congming Grant and GoodWe Scholarship. The Congming Grant will help students from financially disadvantaged families, and the GoodWe Scholarship will motivate students with an excellent academic performance.


Lu Jinjun said that he deeply cared about his studies during his time in HEU and that the knowledge that  he acquired enabled him to become the person he is today. The establishment of scholarships is his appreciation and, as an  entrepreneur, his responsibility to give back. After many years, he understood that knowledge was the only way to change ones destiny and to know oneself. He hopes that current students can learn well, master skills, and transform into the driving force responsible for the country's innovative ability that contributes to the motherland and society.


GoodWe has long focused on research and development, and production and sales of new energy power equipment; such as solar energy and energy storage. GoodWe has committed to providing overall solutions to the smart energy management of households, industrial and commercial users, and ground power stations.



The company's products have passed dozens of relevant certifications and government listings. The company's products have been largely sold to more than 100 countries and regions worldwide. Its strong market performance has been recognized internationally. Currently GoodWe Technology Co., Ltd is ranked by the IHS and is in the top ten for inverter brands worldwide.


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