HEU and 60 alumni companies serve the development of Heilongjiang Province

On July 9, the Matchmaking Conference for the HEU Alumni Entrepreneur Serving Heilongjiang Development was held simultaneously online and offline. 60 alumni companies came to assist Heilongjiang Province attract investment. 3 alumni companies promptly signed contracts with relevant departments of government. The total alumni investment reached 4.6 billion yuan.


Sun Dongsheng, Vice Governor of Heilongjiang Province, said in his speech that in Heilongjiang Province, HEU alumni have founded, participated, and invested in more than 200 companies. These companies are the backbone of the comprehensive revitalization of Heilongjiang Province.


Vice Governor Sun hoped that the HEU alumni would take advantage of their extensive network and concentrated resources to actively promote Heilongjiang Province. Vice Governor Sun also hoped that the alumni could introduce more enterprises to Heilongjiang so as to promote the surging vitality of industrial development in different regions and fields.


Gao Yan, Secretary of the Party Committee of HEU, said in his speech that standing at the crossroads of the revitalization and development of Heilongjiang, HEU will unite and gather global alumni, jointly draw concentric circles of local + alma mater + alumni, and create a strong magnetic field of alumni economy to draw a bright future for Heilongjiang’s innovation and development.


HEU will bring together the alumni from all over the world to share the new opportunities for the development of Heilongjiang. Together HEU and alumni will write a new chapter in the revitalization of Heilongjiang, and welcome the 20th Party Congress with practical actions and outstanding achievements.


Yao Yu, President of HEU, presided over the meeting and said that this docking conference aims to build an interactive platform that will demonstrate the achievements of HEU alumni enterprises. The platform will publicize and promote the investment promotion policies and business environment of Heilongjiang Province, and attract alumni to invest, serve, and revitalize Heilongjiang.


President Yao went on to say that the conference aims to promote a win-win cooperation between alumni, HEU, and Heilongjiang. The revitalization of Heilongjiang has great potential, rare opportunities, and bright prospects. HEU will continue to strengthen alumni cooperation and the construction of school-enterprise cooperation platforms.


Finally, President Yao hoped that the alumni will continue to focus on and support the revitalization and development of Heilongjiang, the development of their alma mater, and the construction of HEU.

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