Vice-President Wu Linzhi delivers a speech during the Provincial School Sports Committee Conference

On September 2, the Provincial School Sports Committee Conference was held online. The Provincial Department of Education, The Provincial College of Sports Committee Supervisors, school leaders, and school representatives attended the meeting.


At the meeting, Wu Linzhi, the Vice President of HEU, delivered a speech with the theme of Remember the sports mission and practice morality and the cultivation of people. Vice President Wu introduced the development and achievements of HEU's student sports and health campaign from four aspects: planning, procedures and results, challenges, and future strategies.


HEU's physical health campaign has been affirmed by the Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Education and Sports Colleges. The meeting acknowledged that the practices of HEU can be used as a reference for improving the overall level of physical health of college students in Heilongjiang Province.


The Overall Implementation Plan for Cultivating Students’ Lifelong Training of Harbin Engineering University (hereinafter referred to as the Implementation Plan) was recently put into practice, this indicates that HEU student's physical health promotion campaign has entered a new stage of development.


The Physical Education Department will take the Implementation Plan to execute the fundamental task of building morality and the cultivation of people through physical education. The Physical Education Department will establish clear goals, concepts, standards, content, and an effective operating system that will guarantee a powerful lifelong student training system.


The department will also continue to promote a solid teaching foundation while continually moving towards the ultimate goal of enjoying sport and improving the health and well-being of students.

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