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    Message from the President
      As a university we are committed to the advancement of learning through higher education and scientific research, to the communication of knowledge in an active environment involving staff at the forefront of their disciplines, to the application of knowledge for the benefit of society, both directly and through collaboration with other organizations. Our goal is for world-class research and graduate education, and an undergraduate experience at a research university with international renown.
    University Culture
    University emblem:
        Our emblem contains rich connotations. It combines gracefulness with elegance and represents the university's distinctive features. Specifically, the meanings attached to the emblem can be seen as follows:
        First, the emblem is a complete circle using the color of blue in three shades to symbolize the ocean, vividly presenting the university's strength and dedication in the fields of ship industry, ocean equipment and exploration, and nuclear application.
        Second, the change in blue from a light shade in the center to a dark shade on the outskirts symbolizes that HEU shoulders the historic responsibility to assist Chinese maritime undertakings on the road from the offshore areas to the deep ocean.
        Third, the Chinese words "Ha Jungong" at the top of the emblem represent the affiliation with the CPC and State, while the English name "HARBIN ENGINEERING UNIVERSITY" embodies the aspiration and determination of HEU to integrate with the world in order to establish a national elite level of talent as well as an internationally famous university.
        Fourth, the center part shows the symbolic figure of Building 31 and "1953" which is the year the PLA Military Engineering Institute was founded. They are set in a background of baby blue to create a halo effect, symbolizing that HEU has inherited the fine tradition of the PLA Military Engineering Institute and is striding into the future vigorously.
        The emblem is well-designed, beautifully-colored, and truly expressive. The structure of the emblem gives a sense of wholeness, symbolizing the solidarity, cohesiveness and harmony between teachers and students, their pursuit of a bright future and also their confidence and initiative in constructing a high-level research university.
    University motto:
        Precise engineering, academic excellence, and pursuit of truth.


      Since its founding, HEU has trained more than 90,000 highly specialized personnel in numerous fields, including more than 200 future generals, ministers, governors and academicians, as well as over 2000 technology experts and senior management personnel of colleges and universities, research institutes and large and medium enterprises.

      HEU students have won more than 400 prizes in both domestic and international competitions such as the "Challenge Cup" (National Science and Technology undergraduate extra-curricular academic competition), Asia-Pacific and the National Science and Technology Robotics Undergraduate Competition (ROBOCON), the United States International Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling, and the National Undergraduate Electronic Design competition. The undergraduate employment rate has remained at least 95% percent for many years, which ranks first in the universities of Heilongjiang province.

      HEU is not only famous for significant achievements in domestic area which have filled the gaps in fields such as China's first experimental submarine, hydrofoils, carrier-based computers, and set of striping sounder, but also for the world 'Crenowned duplex type submarine, the hovercraft, and the gradient sound velocity profiler. HEU maintains abundant technical reserves in the field of ship, marine and nuclear science. The university's technology of underwater robots, ship stability, combining navigation, acoustic orientation and nuclear power simulation holds a prominent place in the world. HEU has become the main force of basic and applied ship research in science and technology in China, one of the key units of the Navy's development of advanced technology and equipment, and a developer of high-level marine technology in China.

      Since the "The 11th Five-Year Plan" was instituted, HEU has focused on condensing its scientific research direction, improving the ability of independent innovation and committing to solve the national scientific and technological problems through the "973" plan, the "863" plan, advanced defense research and scientific research projects based on the national defense strategy. HEU has earned more than 260 provincial awards. In addition, research and product quality management has been achieved through ISO9000 quality system certification. Moreover, HEU is the first domestic university which passed through the "double recognition" of the universities. HEU has national university of science and technology parks where technology industry and cooperation along with production, teaching and research develop rapidly. In 2011, expenses for science and technology added up to over 760 million RMB which is among the highest within key Chinese universities.

      To maintain an international and open educational focus, HEU cooperates with over 100 leading universities, companies and research institutes. For instance, Berkeley University, Sydney University, Far Eastern State Technical University, the University of Electro-Communications, the world's five largest classification societies (ABS, BV, DNY, LR, GL), and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). HEU participates in a Chinese government scholarship project and a project to facilitate national construction of high-level universities by sending graduates abroad. HEU affords a portion of money to support a large number of teachers in study, lecturing and research collaboration annually. Furthermore, HEU elects a set of outstanding students as exchange students to learn and visit abroad, accelerating the process of internationalization.

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