Key Figures

Key Figures

The total area of HEU: 1.26 million square meters

The building floor area: 790 thousand square meters

The university is comprised of 19 colleges and 4 departments/centers.

There are over 40 research institutes and various research and teaching laboratories, including:

2 national defense key laboratories of science and technology,

2 national defense key laboratories of discipline,

3 national subject innovation bases for introducing talent,

1 national electricand electronics teaching base,

6 national experimental teaching centers,

1 national cultural quality education base for college students.

HEU has formed a well-structured curriculum that is characterized by the main subjects as well as distinctive, related disciplines with matching support and reasonable structural layout:

12 first-degree doctoral stations,

27 first-degree master stations,

56 under graduate majors,

13 post-doctoral mobile stations (research station)

The curriculum covers 8 disciplines and 37 first-degree subjects. The disciplines include:

1 national key discipline of the first-degree subjects,

1 national key discipline of the second-degree subjects,

11"Eleventh Five-Year Plan" defense featured subjects,

7 special defense majors,

4 characteristic profession stations of the Ministry of Education,

1 "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" Heilongjiang provincial key discipline group,

11 first-degree subjects.

Teaching and administrative staff of 3160 persons, including:

1804 full-time teachers,

395 Professors,

508 Associate Professors.

Highly qualified teachers, including:

8 academicians ofthe Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering

331 doctoral advisors,

108 experts enjoying special government allowances,

3 national outstanding young experts,

5 "Yangtse River Scholar Bonus Programs" distinguished professors

21 "Program for New Century Excellent Talents" candidates of The Ministry of Education.

Approximately 27,614 students, including:

About 14,350 undergraduate students,

About 8,240 postgraduate students,

About 856 foreign students.

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