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General Office

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1.Various types of postgraduate admissions, publicity and teacher management     of advisors.

2.Graduates' status management, evaluation and tabulation of scholarships.

3.Development and maintenance functions of postgraduates' management             information system.

Training Center &

International Student   Office

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1.The development and management for overseas students; selection of students  going abroad to study and work on school sponsorship.

2.Responsible for reviewing and managing the construction of teaching materials, courses, teaching reformation, training funds.

3.Professional degree postgraduates' dissertation proposal and inspection of          semester work.

Degree Management

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1.Responsible for monitoring quality of various types of postgraduate                  dissertations (including dissertation proposal, mid-term examine, detection,           selective examination, reading and appraising, reply and approval, degree in file     case, judgement).

2.All kinds of application and evaluation, selection of advisers, registering of         degree, secretarial work of the graduate school.

3.Full-time postgraduates' dissertation proposal and inspection of semester work.


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1.Daily Administrative management, communications, reception, coordination,      evaluation and organization of special events.

2.Examination, and handing out all kinds of funds, financial management and         the annual budget.

3.Practice and construction work for full-time professional degree postgraduates.

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