Undergraduate Program

  • College of Shipbuilding Engineering

    Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering

    Port Waterway and Coastal Engineering

    Marine Robot

  • College of Aerospace and Civil Engineering

    Aircraft Design and Engineering

    Aircraft Power Engineering

    Engineering Mechanics

    Civil Engineering

    Civil Engineering(Joint Program with University of Aberdeen, UK)

  • College of Power and Energy Engineering

    Energy and Power Engineering

    Marine Engine Engineering

  • College of Intelligent Systems Science and Engineering


    Measurement & Control Technology and Instrumentation

    Electrical Engineering and Automation

    Detection Guidance and Control Technology

    Robot Engineering

    Artificial Intelligence

  • College of Underwater Acoustic Engineering

    Electronic Information Engineering(Underwater Acoustics)

    Underwater Acoustics Engineering

    Marine information engineering

  • College of Computer Science and Technology

    Computer Science and Technology

    Information Security

    Software Engineering

  • College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

    Machine Design & Manufacturing and Their Automation

    Industrial Design

    Smart Manufacturing Engineering

    Machine Design & Manufacturing and Their Automation(Joint Program with Swansea University, UK)

  • College of Information and Communication Engineering

    Electronic Information Engineering

    Communication Engineering

  • School of Economics and Management

    Business Administration

    Electronic Commerce

    Finance and Banking

  • College of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering

    Material Science & Engineering

    Chemical Engineering and Process

    Nuclear Chemical Engineering and Nuclear Fuel Engineering

    Material Physical (Cooperative with Swansea University, UK)

  • School of Foreign Studies


  • College of Humanities and Social Sciences



  • College of Marxism

    Ideological and Political Education

  • College of Mathematical Sciences

    Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

  • College of Physics and Optoelectronic Engineering

    Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering

    Applied Physics

  • College of Nuclear Science and Technology

    Nuclear Engineering and Nuclear Technology

  • Southampton Ocean Engineering Joint Institute at HEU

    Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering

    Marine Engine Engineering


    Underwater Acoustics Engineering

  • College of International Cooperative Education

    Chinese Language and Literature