Appreciation Method for Donation of Harbin Engineering University

We warmly welcomes enterprises, institutions, organizations, and individuals from home and abroad to donate for the education of Harbin Engineering University. We would like to express oursincerely thanks to everyone who cares about and supports our university.

1. For all donations to Harbin Engineering University, the Foundation will issue a unified bill for the receipt of donations from public welfare organizations regardless of the amount. If the donation is more than 10,000 yuan, a donation agreement can be signed to specify the amount, intention, and foundation commitment. On the premise of respecting the donor, the university media (journal, website, etc.) will publicize the donation.

2. A donation certificate shall be issued to donors whose amount is no more than 10,000 yuan; Donors who donate more than 10,000 yuan (including 10,000 yuan) will be given a donation certificate and commemorative plaque.

3. For some donated projects, such as “development fund”, scholarship or bursary, campus infrastructure such as buildings and gardens, if the donation reaches a certain amount, they can be named according to the donor or the donor's designated name.

BankTransfer (RMB)

Account Name: Harbin Engineering University Education Development Foundation

Account Number: 167700715892

Account Bank: Bank of China(Harbin Xiangfang Branch)

Bank Transfer (Foreign currency)

Account Name: Harbin Engineering University Education Development Foundation

Account Number :167710287900(£)

Account Number :166486541957(US $)

Account Number :168988583787(Japanese yen)

Account Number :167747001237(HK $)


Account Bank: Bank of China(Heilongjiang Branch)

Bank: Bank of China(Harbin Xiangfang Branch Business Department)

Wechat Donation

Follow the wechat official account of“Harbin Engineering University Education Development Foundation”(Wechat ID: heujjh), and select“I want to donate”--“wechat donation”.

Note: When filling in the donation information, please write“Donations”in the postscript or remarks. Do not write anything else.

Attach:【Donation Projects.pdf