National Laboratories / Research Centers

Key Laboratory of Underwater Acoustic Technology

Key Laboratory of Underwater Robot Technology

National Local Joint Engineering Research Center for Advanced Navigation and Marine Intelligent Equipment Technology

Extreme Ocean Field Wave Field Frontier Science Center

National Engineering Laboratory for E-Government Modeling and Simulation

International Joint Laboratory / Research Center

National International Science and Technology Cooperation Base of Harbin Engineering University

Joint Laboratory for International Cooperation in Ship and Ocean Engineering Technology

International Joint Research Center for Ship and Ocean Engineering Mechanics

International Joint Research Center for Nuclear Safety and Simulation Technology

Joint Laboratory of China Russia Polar Technology and Equipment

Provincial and Ministerial Key Laboratories / Research Centers

Multi hull Ship Technology Laboratory

Advanced Ship Power Technology Laboratory

Ship Navigation and Control Laboratory

Ship and Mechanics Laboratory

Ultralight Materials and Surface Technology Laboratory

Industrial Innovation Center for Complex Dynamics and Control Technology

Ship Control Engineering Research Center

Deep Sea Engineering Equipment and Technology Laboratory

Advanced Ship Communication and Information Technology Laboratory

Big Data and Business Intelligence Technology Laboratory

Low Carbon Clean Energy Power Technology Laboratory

Ship and Marine Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Technology Laboratory

Marine Science and Engineering Mathematics Technology Laboratory

Multi-disciplinary Collaborative Cognition Artificial Technology and Application Laboratory

Environmental Intelligence Perception Laboratory

Biomedical Materials and Devices Laboratory

Engineering Applied Mathematics Laboratory

Advanced Composites and Structural Mechanics Laboratory

Underwater Operation Technology and Equipment Laboratory

Optical Fiber Sense Science and Technology Laboratory

Ship Science and Technology Laboratory

Ship Structure Wallop Dynamics Laboratory

Marine Information Technology Laboratory

New generation network technology and information assurance laboratory

Ship Intelligent System and Technology Laboratory

Fiber Integrated Optics Laboratory

Marine Special Materials Laboratory