Job Opportunity


Position Category and Qualifications:

1. Distinguished Professor

Distinguished academic reputaion, making great contribution acknowledged globally in relevant research fields. Qualified with an international academic vision and the train of thought to lead the development of the discipline and be in the forefront worldwide.

2. Outstanding Young Professor

With strong academic influence, achieving the leading academic achievements in the domestic or world advanced level, academic influence ranking in the forefront of young scholars at home and abroad.

3.Excellent Young Scholar

Excellent academic potential, obtained PhD in top universities at home and abroad, has an enthusiasm and qualified competence to become an outstanding scholar.

4. Good professional ethics and rigorous style of study

5. Accept full-time job


Salary and Funding:

1. Salary Benefits: With reference to the corresponding positions in the China's top universities, competitive remuneration and welfare benefits will be provided;

2. Start-up Package: Adequate research fund negotiable according to research demand;

3. Housing: Assistance will be given in solving housing problem with furnished interim apartment provided;

4. Child Education & Health Care: Assistance will be given in medical treatment and children’s education depending on affiliated hospitals and schools.

To Apply:

Compile the following in a single pdf in the following order:

1. Brief summary of qualifications

2. Teaching and research interests

3. CV

4. Full record of publications

5. Name and email addresses of 3 references


LI Guangdong

Phone Number: +86-451-82518061


Address: Office of Human Resources,

Room 812, Main Building,

No. 145 Nantong Street, Nangang District,

Harbin, P.R.China




Main Campus (Harbin)


Research Field

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College of Shipbuilding Engineering

Numerical Methods for Wave Loads on Ships and Offshore Structures

ZHOU Xueqian

Impact Damagement and Protection of Ships

WANG Zhikai

Trans-media Dynamics and Its Control

Composite Material Structure and Application

Noise and Vibration Reduction

Ship Hydrodynamics

ZHAO Binbin

Unmanned Marine Vehicles

LIAO Yulei

Exploitation and Application of Marine Renewable Energy

LI Mingwei,

Digital Twin and Wisdom of Water Transport and Water Conservancy Project

Interaction Between Ice and Wave

NI Baoyu

Motion and Structural Performance of Polar Ships

Calculation and Analysis of Ice Load

WANG Qing, DI Shaocheng,

Polar Ship Design

XUE Yanzhuo

Risk Assessment of Polar Navigation Ships

LU Yang

Motion and Structural Performance of Polar Ships

JU Lei

Ship and Ocean Engineering Equipment Digitization

YUAN Lihao

Ship and Ocean Engineering Equipment Algorithmic IT Operations

College of Aerospace and Civil Engineering

High Performance Cement-based Composites and Structures

MAO Jize

Supercavitation Hydrodynamics

LIU Pingan

Metal Fuel Rocket Motor

Cross Media Rocket Motor

College of Power and Energy Engineering

Thermal Engine

SHI Yanpeng

Control and Test of Power System

Vibration and Noise Control of Power System

Structure and Strength of Power System

Combustion and Emissions

Heat and Mass Transfer

Special Power and New Energy

Overall Performance of Marine Power Plant

Vibration and Noise Control of Marine Power Plant

Automation of Marine Power Plant

Special Power of Vessel

College of Intelligent Systems Science and Engineering

Multi-Agent Control

ZHANG Lanyong

New Inertial Navigation Sensors and Systems

BEN Yueyang

Marine Environmental Assurance Technology

Intelligent Navigation Technology

College of Underwater Acoustic Engineering

Marine Sound Field


Analysis of Acoustic Characteristics of Underwater Targets

Underwater Acoustic Signal Processing

Underwater Acoustic Communication Technology

Underwater Navigation Technology

Underwater Acoustic System

Physical Acoustics

Underwater Acoustics and Marine Acoustics


Noise Control

Acoustic transducers and Acoustic measurement methods

Signal Processing

Image Processing

Wireless Communication

Electromagnetic Fields and Microwaves

Computational Mathematics

Applied Mathematics

Big Data Technology

Artificial Intelligence

Circuit Technology

Sensor Technology

Measurement and Control Technology and Instruments

College of Computer Science and Technology

Artificial Intelligence (brain-like computing)

TIAN Kai, CHEN Chong,

Big Data and Cloud Computing

Big Data Analysis and Processing

Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality

Network computing and Communication

Mobile Internet/Internet of Things

Computer Graphics and Human-computer interaction

Computer Vision

Data Mining

Machine Learning

Software Language

Formal Methods

Software Automatic Generation and Evolution

Ssoftware Modeling and Analysis

Software Intelligence Theory and Method

Software Architecture

Componentized Software Engineering

Industrial Software and Generic Technology

Software Compilation

Software Testing

Trusted Software

Embedded Software

Software Technology for Specific Application Fields

Software Service System Architecture

Software Service Business Process

Software Service Engineering Method

Software Service Operation Support

Network Security

System Security


Big Data Security

Privacy Computing

High Performance Computing

WANG Yuhua

Computer Architecture

Operating Systems

Computer Networks

College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Advanced Manufacturing

SONG Dening

Intelligent Manufacturing

CNC Techniques

Digital Twin

College of Information and Communication Engineering

Communication and Information System

ZHAO Yunin

Signal and Information Processing

Electromagnetic and Microwave Technology

Circuits and Systems

Physical Electronics

Microelectronics and Solid Electronics

Optical Engineering

Measurement Technology and Instruments

Electronics、Computer Science and Information Technology

School of Economics and Management

Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management

LIU Weiwei

Corporate Technology Management

Intellectual Property and Public Policy

GAO Luan

Urban Management and Emergency Management

Higher Education Management

Management System Engineering

LI Bing

Information Management and Information System

Big Data Management and Application

Industrial Engineering

Emergency Management

Financial Market

MA Yonghong

Corporate Finance

Industrial Innovation

Industrial Structure

College of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering

Additive Manufacturing

GUO Chunhuan

Metal Matrix Composite

Metallic Materials

WUN Ruizhi

Nanobio and Nanomedical Science

YANG Piaoping



Energy Storage and Conversion

Rechargeable Batteries

Battery Recycling



Molten Salt Electrochemistry

Spent Fuel Dry Rreprocessing

Functional Polymer Materials

XU Xiaodong

College of Mathematical Sciences


BU Changjiang

Number Theory




Graph Theory

Function Theory

WANG Xingchang

Functional Analysis

Ordinary Differential Equations

Partial Differential Equations

Mathematical Physics

Statistical Learning

DENG Tingquan

Granular Computing and Knowledge Discovery

Machine Learning

Deep Learning

Interpretable Artificial Intelligence

Probability Theory

BU Changjiang

Stochastic Analysis

Mathematical Statistics

Bayesian Statistics

Dynamical Systems

XUE Ling

Bifurcation Analysis

Complex Networks


Mathematical Biology


Mathematical Epidemiology

Computational Biology


Computational Mathematics

ZHENG Xiongbo

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Ocean Numerical Simulation

Quantum Algorithms

MA Haitao

Quantum Machine Learning

Quantum Key Distribution

Topological Quantum Computing

College of Physics and Optoelectronic Engineering

Optical Tweezers


Fiber-based Brain-like Devices

Specialty Optical Fiber and Microstructured Device

Fiber Optic Sensing Technology

Soft Condensed Matter and Applications

BI Wuguo

Fiber Laser

WANG Pengfei

Laser Glass Material

Metamaterial and Fiber-optic Device

SHI Jinhui

School of Foreign Studies

Translation Studies


Area studies theory

CHE Dewei

Regional and National Policies

Global Development and Governance

College of Nuclear Science and Technology

Advanced Simulation Technology for Nuclear Energy

LI Lei

Nuclear Safety and Reliability Analysis

Nuclear Power Intelligent Operation and Maintenance

The Nuclear Power Plant and Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics

TIAN Ruifeng

Spent Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing

HE Mingjian

Nuclear Waste Treatment

Radiation Detection and Measurements

SONG Yushou

Interaction Between Ions and Matters

Radiation Protection

Accelerator Applications

WANG Xiang

Reactor Physics



Qingdao Innovation and Development Base


Research Field

Contact Us

Qingdao Innovation and Development Base

Fiber Laser


Optical Frequency Comb

Optical Waveguide Sensing

Optical Imaging

Experimental Fluid Dynamics

SHI Guangyu

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Ship Hydrodynamics

Ice Mechanics

Underwater Propulsion

Underwater Soft Robotics

Biomimetic Under water Vehicle



Yantai Research Institute


Research Field

Contact Us

Yantai Research Institute

Radioactive Waste Treatment Direction

MA Fuqiu

Molten Salt Electrochemistry and Corrosion Protection Direction

Medical Isotope Separation and Purification

Hydrodynamics, Structure Strength or Design of Shipbuilding and Ocean Engineering

QU Xianqiang

Structure Health Monitoring and Digital Twin