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College of Shipbuilding Engineering

Group of Fluid-structure Interactions

Bubble dynamics, fluid-structure interaction, CFD

Yunlong Liu yunlong_liu@hrbeu.edu.cn

Research Group of Environmental Load and Structural Strength

Numerical methods for wave loads on ships and offshore structures, Structural response and strength assessment of ships and offshore structures, Intelligent sensing of ship and offshore structure and decision support

Xueqian Zhou xueqian.zhou@hrbeu.edu.cn

The Multi-scale Test and Analysis of Ship Overall Performance Team

Advanced experimental theory and methods, outdoor offshore experiment, computational fluid mechanics, underwater propulsion technology, ice mechanics and test, underwater vehicle auto control, underwater vision detection, underwater navigation, artificial intelligence, bionics, applied mathematics.

Chunyu Guo;Chao Wang


"Xinghai" Academic Team of Ship Anti-explosion and Underwater Launch Technology

Impact damagement and Protection of Ships, Trans-media Dynamics and Its Control,Composite Material Structure and Application,No ise and Vibration Reduction

Zhikai Wang wangzhikai@hrbeu.edu.cn

College of Aerospace and Civil Engineering

Laboratory of Advanced Marine Composites and Structures

Marine Composites and StructuresUltra-light composite materials,Multi-functional structures with both wave-absorbing and load-bearing capacities, Structural dynamics of lightweight structures

Xiao He: x.he@hrbeu.edu.cn

+86 18845723837

Xintao Wang: wangxintao@hrbeu.edu.cn

+86 18946111481

Dynamics and Control of Vehicles

Analysis of Structural Dynamics, Vibration and Noise Control, Computational Mechanics

Zhijing Wu+8613946197975

Metal Fuel Power and Cross Media Technology

Supercavitation hydrodynamics, Metal fuel rocket motor, Cross media rocket motor

Pingan Liu liupingan631@126.com

High Performance Structures and New Materials

High Performance Concrete Engineering Protection

Jize Mao +8613354519191

College of Power and Energy Engineering

Research Institute of Power Engineering Technology

Power plant vibration and noise control, waste heat utilization system design, digital twins and intelligent operation and maintenance etc.

Jie Guo guojie@hrbeu.edu.cn

Group of Internal Combustion Engine Design

Simulation and Optimization of Ship Propulsion System Performance,  Design and Optimization of Marine Low-Carbon Fuel Engine,  Study on fatigue characteristics of Marine engines

Yu Dingdingyu@hrbeu.edu.cn

Academic Group of Engine Emission Control Technology

Engine clean combustion and pollutant control technology, Engine exhaust aftertreatment technology, Four stroke internal combustion engine or solid oxide fuel cell using ammonia or methanol fuel

Yuanqing Zhuzhuyuanqing@hrbeu.edu.cn

Team on Principles of ICE

Performance and Turbocharging Technology of Internal Combustion Engines

Hechun Wangwanghechun@hrbeu.edu.cn

Institute of Vibration and Noise Control

New theories, methods and technologies in the field of vibration and noise control

Xiqun LU luxiqun@hrbeu.edu.cn Yibin Guo guoyibin@hrbeu.edu.cn Tiangui Ye yetiangui@hrbeu.edu.cnXinhui Li lixinhui@hrbeu.edu.cn

Institute of Electrical Control Technology for Marine Power Plants

Advanced fuel injection system and combustion optimization technology in marine internal combustion engines

Long Liuliulong@hrbeu.edu.cn

College of Intelligent Systems Science and Engineering

Institute of Intelligent Information Processing and Control Engineering

Complex system control theory, ship navigation and attitude control, artificial intelligence theory and application

Lanyong Zhangzhanglanyong@hrbeu.edu.cn

Institute of Machine Perception and Intelligent Control

Ship intelligence, complex system control, digital twins, intelligent environment perception

Lipeng Wangwanglipeng@hrbeu.edu.cn

Satellite Joint Augmented Navigation Laboratory

Satellite navigation, Combined navigation and Integrity monitoring

Chun Jia+8613069708670

Advanced Ship Navigation and Marine Support Technology Team

New inertial navigation sensors and systems, Marine environmental assurance technology, Intelligent navigation technology

Yueyang Ben+8613258665310

College of Underwater Acoustic Engineering

Polar Acoustics and Marine Information Technology

Underwater acoustic communication and networkingDetection Performance Analysis of Multistatic Sonar SystemPolar Acoustic Information Technology

Longxiang Guo+8613796671095

College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Academic Team of Intelligent Manufacturing for Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering

Intelligent manufacturing for naval architecture based on digital twin

Dening Song+86-18241114316

Group of structure design and dynamic analysis for shipping and marine equipment

Anti-shock analysis, vibration and noise control, underwater application of composite materials, marine engineering equipment structure design

Zhixun Yang+86-18018984673

Autonomous Underwater Operations and Systems(AUOS)

Autonomous operation for underwater vehicle; fault diagnosis and control for underwater vehicle; Underwater image processing.

Xing Liuliuxing0724@hrbeu.edu.cn

Complex Marine Electromechanical System

New ocean energy harvest technology, heave compensation technology in deep sea

Yao Luluyaoywx@hrbeu.edu.cn

"Xinghai" Academic Team of Underwater Operation Technology and Equipment of Harbin Engineering University

Underwater production system, underwater operation technology and equipment

Peng Jiajiapeng@hrbeu.edu.cn

Institute of Robotics Technology

Robotics Technology

Keyi Wang+8613159843875wangkeyi@hrbeu.edu.cnRoom 4045, Building 61

College of Information and Communication Engineering

Technology of Optoelectronic Information Intelligent Processing

Optoelectronic detection and instrument,Machine vision technology, Underwater detection technology, MEMS sensor

Mingguang Shanshanmingguang@hrbeu.edu.cn

Complex Environment Communication System and Technical Team

Electronic countermeasure, Satellite communication and Navigation anti-jamming, Wireless communication, Artificial intelligence and Machine learning, Nonlinear chaos and applications.

Lilian Huang huanglilian@hrbeu.edu.cn

Electromagnetic Spectrum Cognition and Management

Wireless Network, Artificial Intelligence, Electromagnetic Spectrum Sensing, Software Defined and Cognitive Radio

Yun Lin +8613845080554

Intelligent Information Processing Technology

Intelligent remote sensing information perception and processing, new generation of sensor network technology, machine vision and intelligent monitoring, cross-domain perception communication

Chunhui Zhaozhaochunhui@hrbeu.edu.cn

Team of passive radar homing technology

Array direction finding technology, signal modulation recognition technology, signal sorting algorithm, digital receiver technology, broadband signal detection technology, artificial intelligence application, antenna technology

Zhian Dengdengzhian@hrbeu.edu.cn

Cognitive Communications and Electronics Warfare (CCEW)

Communications Reconnaissance and SensingDirection-finding and Positioning for Communication EmittersMulti-mode Integrated Communication WaveformsCognitive anti-interference for communication systemsHigh Efficiency EMI

Zengmao Chenchenzengmao@hrbeu.edu.cn

Research Group of Wireless Positioning and Intelligent Electronic Countermeasures

Communication signal processing; Radar signal processing; Electronic Countermeasures; Image signal processing; Information fusion techniques; Target tracking techniques; Modern antenna techniques

JIANG Taojiangtao@hrbeu.edu.cn

Radar & Electronic Warfare

Wireless Spectrum Sensing and Positioning,Intelligent Reflecting Surfaces

Jinxin Lilijinxin@hrbeu.edu.cn

College of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering

Institute of Biomedical Materials and Devices

Nanobio and Nanomedical Science

Lili Fengfenglili@hrbeu.edu.cn

Light-weight Alloy Materials Team

Mg alloys, Al alloys.  Mg-Li alloys, Al-Li alloys

Ruizhi Wu; Jinghuai Zhangrzwu@hrbeu.edu.cn; zhangjinghuai@hrbeu.edu.cn

Advanced Material Forming and Manufacturing Team

Additive Manufacturing, Metal Matrix Composite

Chunhuan Guoguochunhuan@hrbeu.edu.cn 18804631852

Metallic Materials for Marine and Nuclear Engineering

Advanced Metallic Materials for Marine, shipbuilding and Nuclear Engineering

Zhongwu Zhangzwzhang@hrbeu.edu.cn

Advanced Energy Materials and Electrochemistry Research Group

Electrocatalysis, Energy storage and conversion,  Rechargeable Batteries,  Battery recycling

Kai Zhukzhu@hrbeu.edu.cn

Molten salt electrochemistry Group

Chemistry, molten salt electrochemistry, spent fuel dry reprocessing

Wei Hanweih@hrbeu.edu.cn

College of Nuclear Science and Technology

Nuclear Power Simulation Research Center

Advanced simulation technology for nuclear energy, Nuclear Safety and reliability analysis, Nuclear power intelligent operation and maintenance

Lei Li+8613946164161lileiheu@hrbeu.edu.cn

Nuclear Power Plant Institute

Reactor thermal hydraulics, Containment thermal hydraulics, Accident source item behavior and control technology

Haifeng Gu+8613163698353guhaifeng@hrbeu.edu.cn

The nuclear reactor engineering research team

The nuclear power plant and nuclear reactor thermal hydraulics

Ruifeng Tian+8618182800277 tianruifeng@hrbeu.edu.cn

Nuclear Chemical Engineering

Spent nuclear fuel reprocessing, Nuclear waste treatment

Mingjian He+8618642865157hemj@hrbeu.edu.cn

Department of Nuclear Technology

1.Radiation Application and Detection2.Multi-Scale, Multi-Physics Research of Nuclear Reactor Fuel and Materials

Yushou Song+8615104527737yushousong@hrbeu.edu.cn

College of Mathematical Sciences

The research group of Combinatorics and Graphs

Spectral hypergraph theory

Changjiang Bubuchangjiang@hrbeu.edu.cn

Granular Computing and Intelligent Data Analysis

uncertainty artificial intelligence, granular computing and knowledge discovery, machine learning and pattern recognition

Tingquan Deng +8613234963380

Ocean numerical model prediction

Development of Ocean numerical Model Framework and Climate Forecast

Xiongbo Zheng +8615045649930

Quantum information team

Quantum information

Haitao Mao +8618845108261

Differential Equations Research Group

Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations

Xingchang Wangwangxingchang@hrbeu.edu.cn

Mathematical biology

Mathematical biology, complex network, dynamics systems

Ling Xue+8615846331306

Algebra and Geometry

Algebra, Geometry,Topology and Number Theory

Zhanbing Fan+8618249045415

College of Physics and Optoelectronic Engineering

Group of Metamaterial and Fiber Devices

Metamaterial, Fiber devices

Jinhui Shishijinhui@hrbeu.edu.cn

Group of Fiber-optic Device and Sensing Application

Fiber-optic device,Fiber-optic sensor, New luminescent materials

Jianzhong Zhangzhangjianzhong@hrbeu.edu.cn

Group of optical fiber bio-chemical sensing

Optical fiber sensing, optical functional materials, etc.

Xinghua Yang yangxh@hrbeu.edu.cn

Brain-like Photonics Group

 Optical tweezers, Fiber-based brain-like devices, Specialty optical fiber and microstructured device, Fiber optic sensing technology;

Yu Zhangzhangy0673@163.com

Advanced Laser Lab

Fiber laser, Laser glass material

Pengfei Wangpengfei.wang@tudublin.ie

School of Economics and Management

Innovation Management Center

Regional Innovation, Regional Technology Management, Innovation Management,Science &Technology Management, Industrial Innovation and Growth; Digital Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship, Innovation Ecosystem; Military-Civilian Science & Technology Collaborative Innovation

Yi Susuyi@hrbeu.edu.cn Zhinan Wangwzn6768@163.com+8615611203328

Big Data and Business Intelligence Technology Center

System Optimization, Big Data & Artificial Intelligence

Zhinan Wangwzn6768@163.com+8615611203328

Centre for Russian and Ukrainian Studies

Proposed areas of research for international collaboration,Country-specific economic and technological strategies and developments in Russia and Ukraine, marine economic engineering, economic development of cold areas, regional and industrial development management, global food security and cooperation in the agricultural sector, trade and industrial parks

Tianming Gao +8613664619594gaotianming@hrbeu.edu.cn

Research center for Green Technology Management and Technology Entrepreneurship

Green technology management in manufacturing industry,Technology management and optimization in Marine and nuclear engineering field,Entrepreneurial behavior and management of science and technology enterprises.

Yu Gaogao@hrbeu.edu.cn

Intellectual Property and Public Policy Research Team

Foreign-related Intellectual Property Protection Path

Chaoran Linlinchaoran@hrbeu.edu.cn

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences

Studies in East European Thought

Tianlang Litianlang_lee@hrbeu.edu.cn

School of Foreign Studies

Center for Translation Studies

Translation Studies

Hong Liang lianghong@hrbeu.edu.cn

Centre for Global and Area Studies

European studies, Asian Studies, African Studies, Global studies

Dewei Chedewei.che@univie.ac.at

Pragmatics Research Team

Pragmatics; discourse analysis

MAO Yabsheng wiltonmao@163.com

Yantai Research Institute

Marine Environmental Engineering Innovation Team

Marine environmental functional materials; Monitoring and pollution control of marine emerging contaminants

Jun Wujunwu@ hrbeu.edu.cn

Nuclear Chemical and Electrochemical Technology Innovation Team

Radioactive waste treatment direction, molten salt electrochemistry and corrosion protection direction, medical isotope separation and purification

Fuqiu Ma+8618504615879

Advanced Materials and Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Innovation Team

Additive Manufacturing; Advanced polymeric materials

Fengchun Jiang+8613946184358

Innovation Team of Advanced Mechanics and Applied Technology

Ship and Ocean Engineering

Xianqiang Ququxianqiang@hrbeu.edu.cn

Research Group on Structural Safety and Structural Health Monitoring of Nuclear Power Plants

Seismic Safety of Nuclear Power Plants, Structural Health Monitoring Techniques

Gangling HouHOUGL@hrbeu.edu.cn

Photonics & Optical Telecommunication Group

Specialty silica and polymer optical fibresPhotonic fibre devices: Lasers, gratings, amplifiersFibre based sensors: structural health monitoring, distributed voltage/current sensors

Chong Kang+8613115305808

Group of Ocean Electrical Science and Technology

Power Electronics,Smart Power System

Jiang You+8613796658929