The Multi-scale Test and Analysis of Ship Overall Performance Team

DATEDecember 31, 2022

Research Interests

Advanced experimental theory and methods, outdoor offshore experiment, computational fluid mechanics, underwater propulsion technology, ice mechanics and test, underwater vehicle auto control, underwater vision detection, underwater navigation, artificial intelligence, bionics, applied mathematics.


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(1) Overall scheme and main system performance simulation verification and evaluation research, National Science and Technology Progress Award, GradeⅡ,2017.

(2) Overall scheme and main system performance simulation verification and evaluation research、National Defense Science and Technology Progress Award, GradeⅠ,2016.

(3) Development of high-speed search and rescue boats, National Defense Science and Technology Progress Award, GradeⅠ,2014.

(4) Optimization design and test analysis system of ship propulsion energy-saving device, Ocean Engineering Science and Technology Invention Award, GradeⅠ,2020.

(5) Cross-scale forecasting and analysis system of hydrodynamic characteristics of ship propulsion energy-saving device and water-jet thruster, Chinese Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers Science and Technology Progress Award, GradeⅡ,2021.

(6) Ship special propulsion device and its experimental test and analysis system, National Defense Science and Technology Progress Award, Grade Ⅲ,2017.

(7) Special hydrodynamic propulsion devices for ships and marine structures and performance testing and analysis systems in complex environments, Heilongjiang Province Science and Technology Invention Award, Grade Ⅲ,2017.

(8) Create a "Integrated two-auxiliary dual drive" talent training system to cultivate first-class engineering talents in the field of marine and offshore engineering, National Teaching Achievement Award, GradeⅡ,2018.

(9) Exploration and practice of the new model of experimental teaching combining virtual and reality in ship and ocean engineering in the era of "Internet+", Heilongjiang Province Teaching Achievement Award, GradeⅡ,2018.


Chunyu Guo; Chao Wang