Laboratory of Advanced Marine Composites and Structures

DATEDecember 31, 2022

The marine environment is challenging for traditional engineering materials due to the corrosion of metals or the bio-deterioration of natural materials. Consequently, the applications of fiber-reinforced polymer matrix composites in marine industry has grown rapidly. With the advancement of modernization process, lightweight ships with high maneuverability, maintainability and comfortable working environment are being highly concerned by the marine manufacturers all over the world. Driven by the multidisciplinary development and the urgent demand, the Laboratory of Advanced Marine Composites and Structures (AMCS) for light-weight multifunctional materials and structures was founded in 2015.

The laboratory AMCS is a professional research centre for the structural design of ship and marine composite materials. The research fields stretch across mechanics, material, heat transfer, acoustics, electromagnetics, and focus on the following three main research directions: (1) ultra-light high-strength composite materials, (2) multi-functional structures with both wave-absorbing and load-bearing capacities, (3) structural dynamics of lightweight structures. The laboratory is specially designed for the applications relating to marine engineering. The research carried out focuses on static mechanical performance, impact protection, electromagnetic cloaking and vibro-acoustic design.

Led by Prof. Linzhi Wu, the laboratory holds 13 full-time researchers, including 2 professors, 8 associate professors and 3 assistant professors. Among them, there is one winner of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, one winner of the Youth Promotion Project, and one member of the Youth Committee of Chinese Society for Composite Materials. The laboratory possesses a number of innovative research platforms, such as Key Laboratory of Advanced Ship Materials and Mechanics and Heilongjiang Touyan Innovation Team Program. 2015 ~ 2022, the laboratory had undertaken more than 10 national projects, the national research funding was nearly 20 million yuan. Two monographs and 280 SCI papers were published, 50 national invention patents were authorized, and we have won one national awards, three provincial and ministerial level awards.

Research Interests

Ultra-light composite materials, Multi-functional structures with both wave-absorbing and load-bearing capacities, Structural dynamics of lightweight structures.


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Xiao He

Xintao Wang