Group of Internal Combustion Engine Design

DATEDecember 31, 2022

Research Interests

Simulation and Optimization of Ship Propulsion System Performance; Design and Optimization of Marine Low-Carbon Fuel Engine; Study on fatigue characteristics of Marine engines


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[1] Development and application of power plant system of large special cargo transport vessel. Science and technology awards of Jiangsu Province. Second prize. 2018.01. (Yu Ding, Ranking Second).

[2] Key technology and application of Marine diesel/LNG dual-fuel power plant system. Science and technology awards of Heilongjiang Province. First prize. 2018.12. (Yu Ding, Ranking Seventh).

[3] Teacher teaching innovation competition in Heilongjiang province. First prize. 2022.05. (Guixin Wang)

[4] National higher education teaching achievements in shipbuilding and ocean engineering. Second prize. 2022.05. (Guixin Wang)

[5] Teacher teaching innovation competition in HEU. First prize. 2022.01. (Guixin Wang)

[6] Model teacher in HEU. 2022.09. (Guixin Wang)

[7] Young famous teacher in Heilongjiang province. 2021.08 (Guixin Wang)

[8] The 8th Heilongjiang micro-lectures teaching competition. Third prize. 2021.08. (Guixin Wang)

[9] The 5th Heilongjiang young teachers' teaching competition. Second prize. 2020.08 (Guixin Wang)

[10] The young teacher teaching competition in HEU. First prize. 2020.07 (Guixin Wang)

[11] Top ten teaching experts of "Xinxing competition" in HEU. 2020.07. (Guixin Wang)


Yu Ding