Institute of Intelligent Information Processing and Control Engineering

DATEDecember 31, 2022

Research Interests

Complex system control theory, ship navigation and attitude control, artificial intelligence theory and application


For various kinds of complex systems and nonlinear systems, the robust control, intelligent control and their applications in ocean engineering are considered. The following research problems are studied: admissibility and admissibilization of delay singular systems; dissipativity analysis and dissipative control of delay singular systems; robust control and dissipative control of T-S fuzzy singular systems; the state feedback, static output feedback and reachable set control problems based on proportional differential feedback; the basic theory of state feedback control, sliding mode control, event- triggered control and event-triggered sliding mode control of polynomial fuzzy singular systems; reachable set estimation and control of singular systems.

The institute carries out scientific research and personnel training in advanced control theory and application, ship attitude motion prediction and ship attitude control, ship and sea complex system engineering, ship power positioning system, etc., and undertakes national major science and technology special projects, national natural science foundation, national technology foundation, national basic scientific research and various scientific research projects. This direction has successfully developed the first set of domestic naval ships' rocking fins and the first set of ship power positioning system certified by classification society, which has made outstanding contributions to China's ship high technology equipment. It has developed power positioning technology, ship shake reduction equipment, work-boat retrieval device equipped in China's marine police and fishery administration and other departments, creating an output value of hundreds of millions yuan. In the past five years, it has won many scientific and technological awards such as the First Prize of Heilongjiang Province Technical Invention.

With the support of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the research on zero speed roll reduction technology was carried out to fill the gap in this realm at home. After 10 years of hard work, we have completed the prototype of zero-speed fin stabilizer and the hydrodynamic test of fin stabilizer. In 2015 and 2016, we carried out the first ship-borne test of zero-speed fin stabilizer in China. In 2016, we proposed the concept of full-speed fin stabilizer for the first time in China and converted it into industry-university research. For the first time in China, the all-speed non-retractable fin reducer designed for Marine police ships and other ships has been installed, which greatly improves the seaworthiness and comfort of the hull and makes our country have independent intellectual property rights.

With a length of 114.3 meters, a width of 19.4 meters, a depth of 9.25 meters, a design draft of 6.0 meters and a structural draft of 6.6 meters, "Sun Yat-sen University" is three times as large in length and volume as a blue Whale which is the largest animal on earth. It is the Marine comprehensive research practice ship with the largest displacement, the strongest comprehensive research performance and the most innovative design highlighted in China. In 2018, the discipline undertook the task of designing a full-speed fin stabilizer for the vessel. In order to meet the strict requirements of small space, high rocking effect requirement and weight limitation, the scientific research team used the principle of bionics to optimize the design repeatedly. After a large number of simulation verification and ship model tests, the research team designed the first domestic reachade-release full-speed rocking fin, which can realize the full-speed rolling of the hull under the maximum class 5 sea condition. It has been confirmed by Sun Yat-sen University, and China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation.


Lanyong Zhang