Institute of Machine perception and intelligent control

DATEDecember 31, 2022

Institute of Machine perception and intelligent control


Research Interests

Ship intelligence, complex system control, digital twins, intelligent environment perception



Intelligent system and information perception direction is for the major national strategic needs of high-tech ships, ship digital twin and so on. It carries out scientific research and talent training on technologies such as intelligent ship and system simulation, environmental perception and intelligent control, ship comprehensive situation perception and motion control, marine environment perception, and target recognition of multi-source information fusion. It also undertakes research projects such as the National Key Research and Development Program, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Basic Research, and the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and successfully develops the first set of domestic marine environment live panoramic monitoring system, intelligent ship environment situational awareness system to make outstanding contributions to the digitalization and intelligence of Chinese ships and Marine equipment. This direction is among the domestic firstclass and at world advanced level in the technical fields of intelligent perception of ship navigation situation and high-performance comprehensive simulation of control system. In the past five years, it has won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress and the first prize of National Science and Technology Progress.

We have undertaken the scientific research project of the high-tech ship of MIIT, "Development of intelligent ship situational awareness system", "Intelligent ship 1.0 -Intelligent ship simulation verification and evaluation system", "Digital remote support control center of the autonomous ship "Research on Comprehensive Testing and Verification of Intelligent Ships", and built an integrated simulation system and digital environment for demonstration of intelligent ships including simulation verification and evaluation table, navigation simulator and LCD splicing display system. This intelligent ship comprehensive simulation system consists of 10 software modules, including a digital module of a real-scale ship sailing performance, digital system platform software for ship handling semi-physical simulation, a 3D digital vision module, a digital module of ship environment perception simulation, a digital module of regional traffic (inlet and outlet) environment and obstacle simulation, network communication module, ship hull (multi-type) and regional marine model library. It has realized 360-degree all-round and all-weather environment perception with sound, light, and electricity fusion during ship navigation. Automatic object detection, identification,tracking,risk warning, movement trend forecasting, and three-dimensional reconstruction of the environmental situation are realized as well.