Satellite Joint Augmented Navigation Laboratory

DATEDecember 31, 2022

Research Interests

satellite navigation, combined navigation and integrity monitoring

The team has successively cultivated more than 10 post-doctors, more than 40 doctors and more than 200 masters. More than 300 academic papers were published. It has obtained more than 40 authorized invention patents and published 13 monographs or textbooks. It has won one third prize of National Science and Technology Progress, six first prizes, seven second prizes and eight third prizes of Provincial and Ministerial Science and Technology Progress. It has won 7 national and provincial teaching awards. It has successively undertaken one key project of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, five general projects, six youth funds, one high-tech ship innovation project of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (Development of global differential positioning system), one basic research project (Inertial Navigation/DVL/USBL integrated navigation), and nine pre-research projects of the General Armament Department and the Armament Department, Outstanding Youth Fund of Heilongjiang Province, and more than 30 equipment development projects.)


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(1) Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology,Second prize,2016.

(2) Ship technology, Marine Science and Technology Invention Award, Second prize,2019.


Chun Jia