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DATEDecember 31, 2022

Research Interests

Nanobio and Nanomedical Science


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1. Preparation of photoresponsive nanocomposites and research on integrated performance of diagnosis and treatment, Heilongjiang Provincial People's Government, Science and Technology Award (Natural Category), First Prize, 2020.12

2. Construction and anti-tumor properties of rare earth up-conversion luminescent materials, Heilongjiang Provincial People's Government, Science and Technology Award (Natural Category), First Prize, 2017.10

3. The 2nd Harbin Science and Technology Innovation Leader Award, Harbin Science and Technology Innovation Team Award Review Work Leading Group, 2016.12.31

4. Design and synthesis of multifunctional mesoporous materials with hollow shell structure and its application in the field of targeted and controlled drug release, Jilin Provincial Science and Technology Award Committee, Harbin Science and Technology Progress Award, third prize, Harbin Municipal People's Government 2016

5. Design and synthesis of new multifunctional drug carriers and its application in the field of targeted and controllable drug sustained release, Heilongjiang Provincial People's Government, Science and Technology Award (Natural Category), Second Prize, 2015.12

6. Controllable synthesis and surface functionalization of rare earth luminescent nanocrystals as fluorescent probes, Harbin Science and Technology Progress Award, first prize, Harbin Municipal People's Government, 2015.10

7. Design, synthesis and performance research of new micro-nano structured functional materials, Heilongjiang Provincial People's Government, Science and Technology Award (Natural Category), Second Prize, 2014.8


Lili Feng