Group of optical fiber bio-chemical sensing

DATEDecember 31, 2022

Research Interests

Optical fiber sensing, optical functional materials, etc.


We are committed to the following research area:

— optical fiber sensing (a variety of sensing structures including optical microflow devices, optical fiber interferometer, optical fiber gratings, mirco/nano optical fiber sensors and their applications in bio-chemistry and other fields);

— preparation and application of micro-structure fiber;

— preparation of optical material preparation;

— integrated optical fiber devices.

The research results were published on Lab Chip, Optics Letters, Optics Express, Sensors and Actuators B and other authoritative journals.


[1] Pingping Teng; Xingyue Wen; Zhihai Liu*; Jianzhong Zhang*; Yu Zhang; Nigel Copner; Jun Yang; Kang Li; Mark Bowkett; Danheng Gao; Libo Yuan; Xiaoliang Zhu. An optical fiber integrated optoelectrode for the photoelectrochemical detection[J]. Optics Communications, 2022, 502: 127436.

[2] Xinyu Chang; Xingyue Wen; Danheng Gao; Meng Luo; Pingping Teng; Zheng Zhu*; Jianzhong Zhang; Kang Li; Nigel Copner; Xinghua Yang*. Optoelectrode based on conductive fiber Fabry-Perot probe for simultaneous electrochemical and optical sensing[J]. Measurement, 2022: 112198.

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Xinghua Yang