Research Group on Structural Safety and Structural Health Monitoring of Nuclear Power Plants

DATEDecember 31, 2022

Research Interests

Seismic Safety of Nuclear Power Plants, Structural Health Monitoring Techniques


(1) A new structure of both based-isolated (BIS) and tuned mass dampers (TMD)techniques is proposed and implemented based on the non-energetic safety design concept of Generation III+ nuclear power plants. The implementation process of this structure is simple, i.e., the structure can be realized only by modifying the connection between the nuclear island parts with additional mass. The BIS techniques extend the structural period and reduce the short frequency spectral component of input motions; while the TMD techniques effectively absorbs the long-period earthquake’s effects on the BIS structure. The advantages of TMD and BIS techniques complement each other so that the structure can meet the seismic requirements of nuclear power plants. The structure has sound damping effects, stable seismic robustness and site suitability, and can significantly improve the seismic safety of nuclear island structures and complex structures with special needs.


Gangling Hou, Yu Liu, Meng Li, Menghan Sun, Feng Sun, Xiuyun Zhu and Rong Pan, Dongyu Zhang, Seismic structural responses reduction of double-layered containment nuclear power plant via BIS-TMD[J]. Engineering Computations,2020.3, 37(6): 2111-2125.

(2)The structural health monitoring system is an essential technical guarantee for the safety and disaster prevention of nuclear facilities, offshore platforms and construction projects. The goal is to obtain data on structural response and load through sensors, deduce the state and performance of the structure, and provide essential safety support for structural reliability assessment, state analysis and hazard warning. This technology has independent intellectual property rights of GFRP series fibre grating sensors, data acquisition equipment and other hardware products. We built a monitoring management and maintenance cloud platform with self-developed software, which has the ability of data management, analysis and safety assessment. From single structural monitoring to cluster monitoring, we have completed many major engineering cases below.


Min He*, Jianyu Li, Yuanwei Zhang, Weijun Li. Research on crack visualization method for dynamic detection of eddy current thermography[J]. NDT & E International, 2020, 116: 102361.


Gangling Hou