Brain-like Photonics Group

DATEDecember 31, 2022

Research Interests

1) Optical tweezers;

2) Fiber-based brain-like devices;

3) Specialty optical fiber and microstructured device;

4) Fiber optic sensing technology;


In the optical manipulation field, we have systematically developed the theory, method and technology of fiber optic optical tweezers, proposed an innovative idea of using laser-induced photophoretic force, pioneered the operation and control of trapping, moving and vibration of absorbing particles in liquid environment, and realized the first all-optical action of single fiber optical tweezer scheme. We proposed a new multiplexing method and control mechanism for single-core fiber optical tweezers, new concepts such as wavelength division multiplexing optical tweezers and polarization multiplexing optical tweezers, proposed the concept of using fiber optical tweezers to constitute a practical fiber optic sensor, and realized for the first time tiny force sensing, acceleration sensing, and temperature sensing based on the principle of optical tweezers.

In the areaof Fiber-based brain-like devices, we have developed brain-like neural cells based on smart optical fiber devices; proposed a new method for all-optical fiber brain-like computing functions based on phase change materials; developed a new scheme for all-optical spiking neural network based on fiber-integrated devices.

In theresearch of specialty optical fiber and microstructured device, A variety of new optical fiber sensing principles, micro-compact devices and sensing systems have been developed, and new integrated optical fiber devices with various structures have been realized, such as fiber SPR sensor, spider silk-basedfiber sensor, dual-core Michelson interferometer, coaxial dual-waveguide Michelson interferometer, and dual-core Mach-Zhender interferometer.


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Yu Zhang