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“Xue Cui Academic Forum" -- Design and Practice of Self running Classroom Display Mode of "Integration of doing, learning and using"

DATEDecember 14, 2022

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Report Title: Design and Practice of Self running Classroom Display Mode of "Integration of Work, Learning and Application"

Reported by: Zhang Wenzhong

Report time: 13:30-15:30, December 15, 2022 (Thursday)

Report location: online Tencent conference: 966-4461-0992


Sponsored by: Academy of Science and Technology

Youth Science and Technology Association of Harbin Engineering University

Organized by: School of Foreign Studies

Content of the report: The separation between learning and using is an important reason for the poor effect of English teaching. According to the English education and teaching concept of empowering andempowerment, the reporter designed and upgraded the commonly used display activities in the long-term teaching, which developed into a self-running display link of "doing, learning and using" with eight roles, five links and five steps, and role collaboration. This report describes the process and role design of the " doing, learning and using " self-running demonstration link, and shows the specific operation of the link and role. It is hoped that this demonstration link can provide some inspiration for improving English learning classroom effect and creating high-quality foreign language courses (golden lessons).

About the reporter: Zhang Wenzhong, professor of the School of Foreign Languages of Nankai University, doctoral supervisor of Nankai University and Ocean University of China, and chair professor of Hubei University. He is currently a member of the English Teaching Guidance Subcommittee of the Foreign Language and Literature Teaching Guidance Committee of the Ministry of Education, and the director of the Virtual Teaching and Research Section of the Ministry of Education for the Integration of Teaching and Research in Foreign Language Teaching; He served as the executive director of English Teaching Research Branch of China Association for Comparative Study of English and Chinese, the Second Language Acquisition Research Committee, the English Writing Research Committee andmember of the Academic Committee of the National Language Competence Development Research Center of Beijing Foreign Studies University. Chief Editor of Research and Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language; Editorial board member of various academic journals (collections) such as Nankai Linguistics Journal (CSSCI source collection). His main research interests are foreign language education, second language acquisition, applied linguistics research methods, etc. More than 100 academic works have been published, and there are many textbooks such asNew Communicative English Reading Course andPostgraduate Academic English Writing: Humanities and Social Sciences. He advocates foreign language education of empowering and empowering, commits to foreign language education public welfare, and create a WeChat official account public welfare platform of "empowering and empowerment of foreign language teaching".