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“Xue Cui Academic Forum" -- Sound Velocity Distribution in Bubble Water and Its Effect on the Hunting Function of Bubble Net of Marine Mammals

DATEDecember 1, 2022

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Report Title: Sound Velocity Distribution in Bubble Water and Its Effect on the Hunting Function of Bubble Net of Marine Mammals

Reported by: Professor Timothy Leighton

Reporting time: 19:00, December 2, 2022 (Friday)

Report location: online Tencent Conference 180 523 257


Sponsored by: Academy of Science and Technology

Youth Science and Technology Association of Harbin Engineering University

Organized by: College of Underwater Acoustic Engineering

Key Laboratory of Underwater Acoustic Technology

Report content: The presence of bubbles in water can reduce or increase the sound speed, depending on the acoustic frequency and bubble size range. For decades, based on the assumption of Linear bubble dynamics, the basic theory in this area has been used to inverse the bubble size distribution, that is, estimate and inverse the bubble size distribution (number and size of bubbles) by measuring the sound velocity and attenuation coefficient. The main research purpose of the above methods can further support the calculation of the impact ofquality, momentum and energy transferred by bubbles generated by breaking waves between the atmosphere and the ocean on climate change.

However, through long-term observation by biologists, humpback whales have the ability to actively regulate the release of gas through their stomas, and eject clusters of bubble clouds from their stomas to help them catch food. Because humpback whales make sounds when they eat with bubble nets, why and how organisms produce this bubble net effect to achieve hunting can be explored under the background of basic knowledge of bubble group sound propagation.

About the reporter: Timothy Leighton, professor of Institute of Sound and Vibration, University of Southampton, UK, whose research direction is ultrasound and underwater acoustics. Academicians of the Royal Society, the Royal Academy of Engineering and Medicine. ProfessorLeighton won Doctor's degree from Cambridge University, UK. and has won 8 international awards and 6 invention awards. He is the founding chairman of HEFUA (Organization for the Health Effects of Ultrasound in the Air), and also serves as the consultant of many governments and international institutions.

Academy of Science and Technology

Dec 1st, 2022