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“Xue Cui Academic Forum" -- Application of Machine Learning in Consulting Service

DATENovember 14, 2022

“Xue Cui Academic Forum" adheres to the concept of learning from famous scholars and extracting the essence of science and technology, takes learning as the soul and education as the foundation, pursues technological innovation, improves academic taste, creates a rich academic atmosphere, and shares a feast of science and technology!

Report Title: Application of Machine Learning in Consulting Services

Reported by: Kai Zhang

Report time: 9:00 on November 15, 2022

Report location: Tencent Online Meeting: 332-481-711


Sponsored by: Academy of Science and Technology

Youth Science and Technology Association of Harbin Engineering University

Organized by: College of Computer Science and Technology

Report content: PwC is a cross national professional service network with more than 250,000 employees in 158 countries and 721 locations. PwC provides high-quality audit, assurance, consulting, tax, legal and digital services to more than 5000 clients in Australia. As a part of the company, the digital solutions developed by PwC enterprise have been patented and exported to PwC's global network and PwC's clients base. In this speech, Dr. Kai Zhang will introduce some effective methods for cross line application of NLP in PwC' global network, including a method for extracting information from invoice scanning using a customized short-term memory network. The consulting cases in document matching will also be introduced. This work requires accurate matching between a large number of resumes and job descriptions, and the introduction of effective solutions.

Brief introduction to the reporter: Kai Zhang, a doctor of machine learning from University of Sydney, the chief data scientist and senior manager of PwC Australia, leads the artificial intelligence work of PwC. His AI experience covers the cross-line services of PwC's global network, mainly tax figures, audit, financial services, risk consulting and healthcare. He once served as a researcher in the School of Information Technology of Monash University and was appointed as a senior researcher of Monash University in 2018. His main research fields are computer vision, text mining, activity recognition and user modeling.