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“Xue Cui Academic Forum" -- Digital Humanities in American Literary Studies

DATESeptember 26, 2022

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Report Title: Digital Humanities in American Literary Studies

Reported by: Maryemma Graham

Report time: 19:00, October 27, 2022

Place of report: Online Tencent Conference (Conference No.: 988 116 220)


Sponsored by: Academy of Science and Technology

Youth Science and Technology Association of Harbin Engineering University

Organized by: School of Foreign Studies

Report content: In this lecture, Professor Maryemma Graham took the application of digital humanities in the study of African American literature in the University of Kansas as an example to show how to apply digital humanities technology to the quantitative study of a large number of texts and proposed an interdisciplinary research method that combines digital computing with logical thinking.

Brief introduction of the reporter: Professor Maryemma Graham's research interests include literary genre research, African American literature, diasporic literature, and digital humanities. She has compiled and published 12 books, including The Cambridge Series of African American Literature,Cambridge History of African American Literature,Cambridge Guide of African American Fiction,Cambridge African American Fiction History and the recently publishedResidence of My Soul: Margaret Walker's Life; Professor Maryemma Graham has published more than 30 papers and won 20 National Social Science Foundation of the United States and other funds; Professor Maryemma Graham won the Columbus Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award, National Social Science Award, Balfour S. Jeffery Humanities Award and other awards.

Academy of Science and Technology

Oct.24th 2022