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Notice of the Nobel Prize Academic Master Lecture

DATEMarch 22, 2023

In order to enable students to experience the worlds top interdisciplinary courses and learn more about the academic research process of Nobel laureates, the academic lectures held by China Education Association for International Exchange and Research are released as follows:

1. Title: Cross-scale “Complex Systems” : Exploring the simplest scientific laws in the world

2. Location: Online and offline

3. Speaker: Giorgio Parisi

Prof. Giorgio Parisi, Nobel Laureate in 2021, is an Italian physicist and member of the Lincean Academy in Italy. He made a pioneering contribution to the theory of complex systems, and solved the problem of spin glass by using the copy technique, which was later certified in mathematics and has become the cornerstone of complex system theory since then.

4. Schedule and Content

Time: 16:00-17:20, March 29th

Professor Parisi will share his own experience in exploration, elaborate the theory of complex systems, and briefly share the current status of physics research.

5. How to join: Scan the QR code below to enter the wechat group.

International Office of HEU

 March 22, 2023