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Deluxe lineup! Top notch! We invite you to join this international marine science and technology academic event!

DATEMarch 30, 2023

The 2023 International Forum on Building a Maritime Community with a Shared Future and the International Conference on Marine Equipment & Technology and Sustainable Development, initiated by Yang Desen of Harbin Engineering University and other academician and experts, will be held in Beijing from March 31 to April 1.

This event is composed of the opening ceremony, the main forum, the principal forum, the industry development Forum, and the academic forum. It is held in the form of online and offline. A group of domestic and foreign leaders and high-end experts and scholars in the field of marine science and technology, heads of industry organizations, heads of universities and government personnel are invited to attend the event.

The conference will conduct in-depth exchanges and discussions on the vision and tasks of building an ocean community with a shared future, machinery, transport and ocean, future ships and ocean equipment, ocean engineering, and ocean information and technology. It will contribute new wisdom to the building of an ocean community with a shared future, especially ocean equipment technology and sustainable development.

Beijing, China

March 31 -- April 1, 2023

Looking forward to your participation!


Convergence marine engineering scientific and technological strength

Build a maritime community with a shared future



Department of Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering, Chinese Academy of Engineering

Science and Technology Committee of China State Shipbuilding Corporation Limited


System Engineering Research Institute of China State Shipbuilding Corporation Limited

China Ship Research Institute

Laoshan laboratory

Harbin Engineering University



Beijing International Conference Center


March 31 -- April 1, 2023


March 31, Opening Ceremony, Keynote Report;

April 1, Industry Development Forum, Principal Forum, Academic Forum.