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Notification of 2023 International Conference on Advanced Materials and Intelligent Manufacturing Technology

DATEAugust 13, 2023

The“2023 International Conference on Advanced Materials and Intelligent Manufacturing Technology (AMIMT2023)”, jointly organized by Harbin Engineering University(HEU),Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT)and Chinese Society for Composite Materials(CSCM) and supported by the project of the International Cooperation Division of the Ministry of Science and Technology, will take place in Yantai, China on September 8-10, 2023. AMIMT2023 dedicates to promoting the integrated development and engineering application in the area of advanced materials and structural design integration, forming and manufacturing integration,intelligence and digitalization. The conference aims to create a high-level platform for academic exchange and achievement transformation towards international scholars.

The conference focuses on attracting state-of-the-art research in Metallic Materials, Non-metallic Materials, Composite Materials, Additive Manufacturing, Joining and Forming, Digital Manufacturing and other correlation domains. Over the course of 3 days, internationally renowned speakers will be invited to share viewpoints and exchange topics on the frontiers and hot spots in the field of advanced materials, intelligent manufacturing and the transformation & upgrading of industries. The attending experts and industry partners will also provide a fantastic networking experience. Yantai in September is the most dazzling city in China with an excellent climate and unparalleled hospitality. All speakers as well as our (potential) sponsors, and partners are warmly welcome!

1. Organization


Department of International Cooperation, Ministry of science and technology

Main organizers:

Harbin Engineering University (HEU)

Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT)

Chinese Society for Composite Materials(CSCM)


Yantai Huang-Bohai New Area Management Committee

College of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering, Harbin Engineering University

Yantai Research Institute, Harbin Engineering University

Yantai University

Industry-university-research Base (Yantai), Shandong Jianzhu University

Shandong Laboratory of Advanced Materials and Green Manufacturing at Yantai

Supported by:

Commission of Industry and Information Technology of Heilongjiang Province

Shandong Mechanical Engineering Society

Shandong Jianzhu University

Shandong Charm Ray Laser Technology Co., Ltd

3D Printing Technology, Inc

Beijing Avimetal Am Tech Co., Ltd

Xi'an Sailong AM Technologies Co.,Ltd Nanjing Zhongke Raycham Laser Technology Co., Ltd

Shandong Runchang Instrument Co., Ltd

NCS Testing Technology CO., Ltd


2. Organizing Committee of Conference

Chairmen:Linzhi Wu,Professor, Harbin Engineering University

Lin Geng,Professor, Harbin Institute of Technology

Vice Chairmen:Jicai Feng,Professor, Harbin Institute of Technology

Fuhui Wang,Professor,Northeastern University

Yuansheng Yang,Professor,Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Jianghai Lin, Chairman of the Board, Shandong Mechanical Engineering Society

Xiubing Liang, Professor,Academy of Military Sciences

Tingting Liu, Professor,Nanjing University of Science&Technology

Dongdong Gu, Professor,Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Yiping Lu, Professor,Dalian University of Technology

Jinrui Ye,Deputy secretary general,Chinese Society for Composite Materials/Beijing

Institute of Technology

Shoufeng Yang, Professor, Harbin Engineering University

Academic Committee:


Xiaodong He, Professor, Harbin Institute of Technology

Deputy Director:

Yuyong Chen, Professor, Harbin Institute of Technology

Junpin Lin, Professor,University of Science and Technology Beijing

Kehong Wang, Professor, Nanjing University of Science & Technology

Feng Lin, Professor, Tsinghua University

Liqun Li, Professor,Harbin Institute of Technology

Gaowu Qin, Professor, Northeastern University

Xin Lin, Professor, Northwestern Polytechnical University

Jianwu Cao, Professor,BeijingInstitute of Technology

Hua Tan, Professor,Northwestern Polytechnical University

Gleb Turichin, Professor,St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University

Konovalov Sergey, Professor, Siberian State Industrial University


Committee:Jinguo Li,Tao Jing,Deliang Zhang,Ping Shen,Dingrui Ni,Xiaoguo Song,

Chunnian He,Zhiqiang Li,Yuzeng Chen,Shewei Xin,Ruidi Li,Bo Song,

Bing Wang,Jibin Zhao,Guisheng Zong,Liang Jiang,Fei Xing, Mingtao Zhang,

Zhonggang Sun,Guang Yang,Changqing Hong,Ruisheng Huang,Shouyin Lu,

Jie Sun, Yucheng Fang, Fude Wang, Sergey Panin,Oleg Bashkov,Evgeny Prusov

Working Committee:

Director:Fengchun Jiang,Lujun Huang

Deputy Director:Haiquan Wang,Piaoping Yang,Hailong Chen,Zhuhui Qiao,Shangzhou Zhang,

Cainian Jing,Jianglei Chen

Committee:Qinhui Wang,Junqing Li,Jun Wang,Zhongwu Zhang, Ruizhi Wu,

Yunxiang Tong,Jianmin Niu, Weihua Xie,Chenghai Xu,Zhuoqing Yang,

Ping Hu,Zhengjiang Gao,Chunhuan Guo

Secretary General:Hexin Zhang

Secretaries:Yu Zhang,Haixin Li,Qimin Shi, Tao Dong, Zubin Chen, Haiyang Fan,Zhenlin Yang,Kun Wang,

Yuhang Zhu,Guoyang Zhang,Yumin Wang,Guangyin Liu

Academicians to be invited:

The list of domestic and foreign academicians is pending confirmation……

3. Parallel sessions

There will be six sessions. Please contact the session secretary to apply for a session presentation and submit a presenter information form.

01 Metallic Materials

Chairmen of Parallel session:Yiping Lu and Zhongwu Zhang

Secretary of Parallel session:Haixin Li, 15725422032(Same as WeChat)

Zhenlin Yang,15853232358(Same as WeChat)

02 Non-metallic Materials

Chairmen of Parallel session:Jianwu Cao and Bing Wang

Secretary of Parallel session:Hexin Zhang,18645106806(Same as WeChat)

Kun Wang,17854227942(Same as WeChat)

03 Composite Materials

Chairmen of Parallel session:Lujun Huang and Weihua Xie

Secretary of Parallel session: Yu Zhang, 1474515541(Same as WeChat)

Yuhang Zhu,13806400710(Same as WeChat)

04 Additive Manufacturing

Chairmen of Parallel session:Shoufeng Yang and Feng Lin

Secretary of Parallel session:Qimin Shi, 13222086933(Same as WeChat)

Haiyang Fan,15893184924(Same as WeChat)

Guoyang Zhang,18336856386(Same as WeChat)

05 Joining and Forming

Chairmen of Parallel session:Liqun Li and Xiaoguo Song

Secretary of Parallel session:Zubin Chen,17685838171(Same as WeChat)

Yumin Wang,18363821656(Same as WeChat)

06 Digital Manufacturing

Chairmen of Parallel session:Tingting Liu and Tao Jing

Secretary of Parallel session:Tao Dong, 15201202647(Same as WeChat)

Guangyin Liu,15665726339(Same as WeChat)

4. Conference schedule

Abstract Submission:August20, 2023

Conference Date:September8-10, 2023

Conference Venue:YantaiBajiaowanInternational Convention & Exhibition Center





2023 International Conference on Advanced Materials and Intelligent Manufacturing Technology


Registration of Conference Delegates


Opening Ceremony & Conference Report

Communication of Parallel session


Communication of Parallel session

Communication of Parallel session

5. Invite investment to participate in the exhibition

Booths will be set up at the conference venue during the conference to provide exhibitors with opportunities for communication and cooperation such as title sponsorship, technical exhibitions and conference publicity. We sincerely invite relevant companies and institutions to participate.

Contact information:HexinZhang, 18645106806(Same as WeChat)

6. Register for the conference

Registration Date

Non-student representative

Student representative

Before 8.10

1800 yuan

1000 yuan

After 8.10

2200 yuan

1400 yuan

Account Name:Beijing Sanuo Career Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Account opening bank:China Everbright Bank CO., Ltd,Beijing Xuanwubranch

Account Number:3504 0188 0000 8984 8

★The fee includes admission to the conference, a full set of conference materials, lunch and refreshment breaks, but does not include accommodation. Accommodation can be booked via the following website. (to be added)

7. Participation

Invited presentations:presentation takes30 minutes

Oral presentations:presentation takes15 minutes;

Audience: Conference registration, no presentations, access to questions and exhibition

8. Conference Information

Conference website:


Contact information:Hexin Zhang, 18645106806;Yu Zhang, 14745155541;

Haixin Li, 15725422032;Qimin Shi, 13222086933

Conference Group QR Code:

Mobile appilcation QR code


Conference Wechat group administrator QR code


Harbin Engineering University

Harbin Institute of Technology

Chinese Society for Composite Materials

Please add remarks:unit、title、name

May 9, 2023

Registration Form for Participants

Work Place




Tile for Report

Passport information ***


1.If you confirm to attend the conference, please fill out and mail this

2.***To use this form, please send a scanned copy of the front page of your foreign passport for processing entry documents and visas.

Template forAMIMT2023Abstract

(18Point, Centred and Bold, Times New Roman)

A.Author1, B. Author2,C. Author3

(List of authors in 10point, centred and bold: the presenting author underlined. And if possible,please provide the Chinese name for all authors.)

1- The author affiliation and full address should be located here in 8 point, centred and in italics

2- Address of author2if different

3- Address of author3if different

Main author email address: in 10point, centred and in italics

The abstract must be written in English. The abstract will be distributed in a printed booklet and an electric file on an access-controlled Web site.In order to provide a uniform and consistent appearance to abstract prior to publication in the abstract book,it is very important to ensure that your abstract follow the style guide presented in this template.Abstract should not exceed one page in length. The dimension of the paper isA4 size paper:210mmx297mm. Margins should be25.4mmon all sides, and the text should be writtenin10 point Times New Roman(and Symbol, if necessary).

A couple of Figures/Tables may be included to the abstract.Large figures should be centred as shown in the Figure 1, and small ones may be placed side by side. In all cases, the figures must be located completely inside the paper margins. Figure captions, in 8 pt, should be positioned in centre below the figures as shown in Figure 1.Table captions, also in 8 pt, should be positioned centred above the tables.


Figure1Captions in8 point form. (a) The figure, as well as each axis coordinates and titles must be large enough to be easily read. (b) Any micrographs being used should have very good contrast in order to ensure proper visibility.The font of text in the figures should be Arial (and Symbol, if necessary), or the characters are completely part of the picture as (b).

All references should numbered and appear at the end of the abstract in the same order as used in the text. The font should be the same as the main body of the text but with an 8 pt size. Reference should be aligned to the left. In the main body of the text, the reference designation should be with square brackets [1], and several references can be included together using a comma [2, 3]. If three or more consecutive references occur together, a dash is to be used [1-3].

The abstract must be submitted in a WORD format.The quality of figures should be enough for printing.

[1] A. Author and B. Author, Title of paper, Journal Name, vol., pp. Start page-end page, (year).

[2] A. Author, B. Author, C. Author, Title of paper, Journal Name, vol., pp. start-end, (year).

[3] A. Author, Title of book (Publisher), Chapter, (year).