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Professor Zheng Cui’e wins the China Youth Science and Technology Award.

DATENovember 18, 2022

Recently, the opening ceremony of the 2022 World Young Scientists Summit (WYSS) was held in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. The 17th China Youth Science and Technology Awards were announced and presented; and Professor Cheng Cui’e from Harbin Engineering University was on the list. She said, I would like to thank the country for its encouragement, and I will continue to forge ahead to contribute to build a maritime power.

Zheng Cui’e, PhD supervisor, Deputy Director of the Key Laboratory of Underwater Acoustic Technology. She has been engaged in the research of underwater acoustic positioning and navigation technology for quite some time. She has overcome such technical challenges as ultra-short baseline positioning in deep water and high-precision extraction of broadband underwater acoustic signal parameters. She participated in the research and development of the pedigree deep-sea high-precision underwater acoustic positioning system, its supported the development of three generations of manned submersibles and has been widely used in marine science, engineering and equipment.