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Putting to and end the problem of aircraft material development! "The Passionate Patriotic Young Youth" of HEU has reached 8 million orders of intention!

DATEAugust 11, 2022

The gold medal team, the passionate patriotic young youth, from the College of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering, won the Challenge Cup provincial competition. The main members of the team were made up of sophomore undergraduates.

In the past year, the team continually studied and mastered the rapid prototype technology for complex structures of molybdenum-based super-alloys. This technology enables molybdenum-based alloys to have excellent strength and plasticity at high temperatures, and can be widely used in the manufacture of aero-engine hot-end components.

At present, the technology has reached a total of 8 million yuan of intentional orders for aero-engine parts from two thermal protection material companies. The project members have published 7 SCI papers, 1 Chinese core paper, and applied for 3 invention patents based on molybdenum alloy related research.

For the past several years the engine of the domestic C919 aircraft used engines produced by CFM, a joint venture between the United States and France. But due to international challenges, the United States threatened to cut off the engines supply to China.

Aero-engines have always been China's shortcoming in aviation manufacturing. According to statistics, from 1990 to 2020, there were more than 40 aviation accidents caused by strength and corrosion failures of high-temperature hot-end components, resulting in economic losses of more than 50 billion yuan.

During the defense of the Challenge Cup, Guo Zhengyou, a sophomore from the College of Materials Science and Chemical Engineerin, HEU, talked about the original intention of his team's research and development.

“The lack of high-performance superalloys that meet the requirements of aviation engines is an urgent problem that needs to be solved by the research and development of domestic aero-engines. Aiming at the research and development of high-performance superalloys, our team wants to use our own strength to help the country's heavy equipment manufacturing take off!”

Mr. Guo won applause from the judges for his words.