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HEU's "Amphibious Robot" was referenced in a top international journal

DATEJuly 14, 2022

With the help of the adaptable joints of the foot pulp and multi-modal drive, HEU's amphibious robot can ingeniously switch between either the running or swimming mode on land or underwater. The design makes it possible for the robot to function well in either environment.

The amphibious robot is the latest creation from the scientific research team of Associate Professor Wang Gang of the Harbin Engineering University - a Propeller-leg multi-modal amphibious robot.

Recently, IEEE Transactions on Robotics, an international top journal in the field of robotics, published the research results (Design and Optimization of a Multimode Amphibious Robot With Propeller-leg) online.

The multimode amphibious robot with propeller-legs can reach a running speed of 4 times the body length per second on the ground with a medium granular surface while reaching the leading level of the same type of robot. The robot achieves the leap from formulation, to theoretical breakthrough, and finally the technical achievement.

The paper was independently completed by the State Key Laboratory of Underwater Robotics of Harbin Engineering University. Associate Professor Wang Gang is the corresponding author of the paper, and doctoral students Ma Xinmeng and Liu Kaixin of are the co-first authors.