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HEU helps manufacture the "self-generating" IOT sensor.

DATEMarch 22, 2022

Numerous sensors that ensure the operation of IOT are an indispensable core component of an intelligent society where everything is connected.

Associate Professor Chu Zhaoqiang, a junior teacher of the Marine Magnetic Sensor and Detection team of College of Underwater Acoustic Engineering, designed a new structure for collecting weak magnetic energy. This innovation will save the IOT sensors from the manual and tedious operations of replacing and repairing batteries.

The structure is self-generating and under the weak magnetic condition its output power is improved by 120% of the traditional magnetic energy collecting structure.

The academic paper for the research Significantly Enhanced Power Generation from Extremely Low‐Intensity Magnetic Field via a Clamped‐Clamped Magneto‐Mechano‐Electric Generator is published online on Advanced Energy Materials (IF: 29.368), an internationally renowned journal in the field of energy materials.

Associate Professor Chu Zhaoqiang is the first author and corresponding author of the paper. The corresponding authors also include Professor Gao Junqi from Harbin Engineering University, and Professor Dong Shuxiang from Peking University. Harbin Engineering University is the signature unit of the first author.