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The new home page of HEU is online!

DATEJanuary 2, 2023

On the first day of 2023, HEU put on the “new clothes”! The first gift of the New Year to the teachers, students, alumni, and those who care about the construction and development of HEU. The new Chinese homepage of Harbin Engineering University is online!

The revised home page focuses on the original “campus information portal” to “online school”. The upgraded layout focuses on a concise style that highlights the “less but refined”, with new, large, dynamic pictures, video, sound, and other visual experiences. The homepage highlights the university’s administrative approach, values, and strengthens its academic highlights, characteristic work, and humanistic care.

The new homepage adopts the responsive website development technology. The homepage has kept up with the times with an updated technical version. The whole website adopts the banner layout mode, which makes it user friendly, no matter if you use a mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

In addition, the new English website is also online at

News, events, scientific research achievements, campus life, and facts and figures, are fully accessed through the website columns, which display the advantages and characteristics of our international administrative approach, which will become a beautiful “card” for HEU to enter the international stage.

The HEU homepage records the development of the university, as well as our study and life. Here is our common dream and glory.

Let's set sail into the new year with new mood!