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ZHAN Desheng, the general manager of Huawei Heilongjiang, and a delegation of 7 people came to HEU.

DATEJanuary 6, 2023

On January 4th, ZHAN Desheng, the general manager of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. in Heilongjiang, and a delegation of seven people came to HEU for exchange and discussion. YU Zhiwen, the vice president, and ZHAO Yuxin, the assistant president, met the guests on behalf of HEU. The two sides had an exchange and discussion on the construction achievements of Huawei’s “Smart Base” for production-education integration and collaborative education, innovative talent training and scientific research cooperation. TIAN Hua, an alumnus of HEU and vice president of Huawei’s computing product line, attended the exchange meeting online.

At the meeting, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. donated 3 AI servers to HEU, and ZHAO Yuxin accepted the donation on behalf of the university.

Since the establishment of Huawei's “Smart Base”, HEU and Huawei have co-built 34 courses, many of which have been awarded provincial and university-level brand courses and first-class courses. More than 10,000 students have participated in the course learning. The “Smart Base” association of the university organized 22 teams and 116 students to participate in the 7th China International College Students’ “Internet +” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition industrial track, and won more than 10 provincial awards. 80 teachers participated in the Smart Base teacher training and were awarded the “Smart Base Pioneer Teacher” medal. “Virtual Teaching and Research Section of Zhihai AI Course”, led by Professor LIU Haibo in combination with the Smart Base project, was awarded the first batch of virtual teaching and research office construction pilots of the Ministry of Education. HEU, in conjunction with Huawei experts and engineers, has carried out activities such as joint guidance for graduation design, opening holiday innovation practice courses, and jointly guiding students to apply for Huawei enterprise proposition projects of the National Innovation Plan, providing intellectual and resource support for the university to cultivate innovative talents.