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2023 International Collegiate Snow Sculpture Contest winners announced!

DATEJanuary 18, 2023

The 15th International Collegiate Snow Sculpture Contest in 2023 was held online. With the theme of “ Youth and the Future”, universities from China, Russia, Belarus, Thailand, and other countries joined the contest, 55 teams made it to the final. The contest was sponsored by the Teaching Guidance Sub-Committee of the Collaborative Innovation Platform for the Construction of First-class Industrial Design Majors of the Ministry of Education and was undertaken by Harbin Engineering University.

The contest has first, second, and third prizes, the contest also includes a prize for outstanding design creativity. Seven sculptures, including “Life is the hope for the future” of Salabari Vocational Education College in Thailand, and “this is a reborn city” of North China University of Technology, were selected by the jury for first prize for design creativity.

Sarabari Vocational Education College (Thailand)

Life is the hope for the future

North China University of Science and Technology

This Is a City Born Again

Surat Thani Vocational Education College (Thailand)

Novel World

Jilin Jianzhu University

Colored Dreams

South China Normal University

Ice and Fire

Beijing Institute of Technology


Harbin Engineering University

Lost Pearls of the Deep Sea